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PDF õ BOOK Lover Unleashed Ï Payne twin sister of Vishous is cut from the same dark warrior cloth as her brother A fighter by nature and a maverick when it comes to the traditional role of Chosen females there is no place for her on the Far Side and no role for her on the front lines of the war either When she suffers a paralyzing injury human surgeon DrWhen she suffers a paralyzing injury human surgeon Dr Manuel Manello is called in to treat her as only he can and he soon gets sucked into her dangerous secret world Although he never before believed in things that go bump in the night like vampires he finds himself than “With that he pushed his way outand as the door eased shut she realized I love you could indeed be said without actually uttering the phrase Actions did mean than words” To be honest I really don't know why I gave this book 5 stars as for my distaste for the start Payne is not a likable heroine for me she's just too masculine and indepedent that I didn't know how Ward could find a man to match her with And finally she fould Manny yes it's him Dr Manuel Manello the Handsome one who had a crush on DrJane since V's book I wasn't so sure that the chemistry between them could convince me to believe that they are the hero and heroine of this book and destined to be together after all “Butch tightened his grip on his cell and wished there were an app that let you reach through a phone and bitch slap someone” BUT JR Ward proved me wrong again because her story was woven in the discreet resonant from the start I was astounded by the connection she linked from one character to another flawlessly and knew that this was what she was good at Manny is a normal man yet he has the guts While Payne seems to be independent she is still innocent and looking for Manny's attention when she's with him “I came to you Jane Every night this week I came to you I didn't want you to be alone And I didn't want to sleep without you The ending fucked my mind OMFG that was nothing I'd expected before The revelation is everything Although this is not the best book of the series but it's unputdownable because of the narration and twists V and Jane's story is very interesting and I was glad that we see them again in this bookhttpsgoogld2V2rd

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Willing to be seduced by the powerful female who marks both his body and his soulAs the two find so much than an erotic connection the human and vampire worlds collide just as a centuries old score catches up with Payne and puts both her love and her life in deadly jeopard WOW Lover Unleashed is a fantastic installment to the Black Dagger Brotherhood and I especially loved the romance this time Here’s a checklist rundown of some of my favorite highpointsMore romance between main HH? – CheckManny and Payne were amazing characters and I absolutely loved loved luvvved them together They were such a sweet sexy couple with a strong emotional connection and explosive chemistry In fact their sensual evocative romance was possibly my favorite since Lover Eternal and Lover Awakenedview spoiler Marvin Gaye’s Sexual HealingHOT DAYUM I loved when Manny showed Payne that she could have a full complete life even if she never walked again I loved the allegorical connection between Manny’s Thoroughbred Glory and Payne There were some truly beautiful touching moments with this part of the story hide spoiler

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Lover UnleashedPayne twin sister of Vishous is cut from the same dark warrior cloth as her brother A fighter by nature and a maverick when it comes to the traditional role of Chosen females there is no place for her on the Far Side and no role for her on the front lines of the war either Lover Unleashed is the tenth book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood universe and it’s about Payne and Manny finding love To me it’s also a huge disappointmentWhy? Because I feel that the loyal fans got screwed over The way Ward just blatantly rewrites history disregards her own world's rules and has characters act completely out of character It's insulting really I’ve been looking forward to this book like crazy Eventhough I wasn’t interested in Payne and Manny’s story at all In fact I was fully expecting to hastily flip through the PayneManny bits just to get to the good stuff V’s downward spiral and the huinnBlay drama At the end though the love story between Payne and Manny was the best part of the book And that’s saying something If this book emphasizes one thing it is that Ward needs a new editor Sure the current one cries and raves about everything Ward says But I thought an editor’s job was to actually oh I don’t know edit? Correct mistakes? Make sure the story flows well? Secure continuity in characters actions and events? Check the time line? Nope no such thing But hey I bet she’s great at nodding her head Basically Lover Unleashed is two big story lines and three mini story lines put togetherThe two bigger story lines revolve around Payne Manny and V Jane Butch The three mini story lines are about huinn Blay the Band of Bastards and about the next Fallen Angels book Jose de la Cruz and his new partner Minor spoilers from here on The good Manny before this story I was simply not invested enough to care about what happened to the guy Over the course of this book however I grew to really like him Ward described him as ‘a metrosexual motherfucker’ but he’s really a regular alpha guy who’s not afraid to let his lady have the limelight The Band of Bastards I loved the itty grittiness of them Xcor is really intriguing Zypher needs a long way to be redeemed somehow that’s sexy and Throe what can I say I wish my friend Tara hadn’t called dibbs cause I wants him Butch I just love Butch The bad Vishous' downward spiral spelled C O N T R I V E D to me The angst was completely forged and supported only by out of character actions by both Jane and Vishous Plus the whole thing was based on a faulty premise the mating ceremony between V an Jane supposedly not having taken place Say what?? The Butch story line yes I love Butch but I can’t get over the fact what a missed chance this was for Ward to write about our favorite ex human with his chipped tooth which mysteriously turned into a capped tooth in this book In a story which features Vishous Manny and Jose de la Cruz you’d expect about him And I’m not even going to mention the missed opportunity concerning the VButch uality time Such a waste Payne ‘the female warrior’ Right Payne is what Xhex haters would want her to be a tough chick disguised in a Chosen package We are told she’s tough and she holds her ground We just don’t really see it Also this Payne didn’t resemble the girl we met in Lover Avenged She felt like Marissa or Cormia Only with dark hair Layla like Payne there was a change of character in Layla Ward decided to give her a backbone this book It just doesn’t match her behavior from last books or this book really I feel like it’s an attempt from Ward to make us like Layla Mission failed on my account Jane okay now I’ll admit; I’m not the biggest Jane fan I have problems with her status as Super Shellan and I get annoyed by the way Ward just needs to drive the point home again and again about how smart Jane is And well in this book we were told again and again how smart the su