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Ourney toward the treasure is both dangerous and difficult lightened only imperceptibly by the tales they tell of the old gods and goddesse. 155 stars Good riddance I must have read a different book than everybody else had because I cannot for the life of me comprehend how this book has won any literal awards As an avid fantasy reader I can tell you that this book is as close to a riveting fantasy novel as flour is to being a spiceWhy flour you askBeuase it reminds me of this book dry bland and boring ​And I really tried to tie this book all of the chances I could I wanted to dnf it after 30 pages but1 I was told that it gets much better as the book goes on It didn't2 I was told that series get much much better I still have to see that for myself One day3 I scored 4 books from this series at a thrift store for dirt cheap in mint condition so I wanted to give it a chance before I donate all of them back and forget I ever wasted my time on them But Iryna what about that awesome twist at the end I'm sorry but that twist I guessed the twist pretty early in the beginning of the book I'm not saying that I'm Sherlock Holmes okay sometimes I pretend I am but after reading many fantasy books that twist is not so twisty any pretty standard trick if you ask me ​I can sum up about 85 percent of this book in few sentences​Gen main character whines Gen is tired Gen is hungry Gen is being a smart mouth Gen is hungry Gen is tired Gen is hungry The words I'm hungry and so I took a nap were probably said at least 20 times If you are looking for the world's most annoying fiction character you may stop now Gen got the prize in my eyes at least The rest 15 percent were taken up with all the action that this book decided to throw at us and some political intrigues By that point I just wanted it all to be just over so I could move on with my reading life ​The book is a 280 pages and it took me 9 days to read it 9 days Why Because I was so unbelievably out of my mind ripping my hair out bored Was the twist at the end worth the 200 pages of redundancy and absolutely nothing happening No no it was not I know I sound very bitter right now but I was genuinely excited for this book And it let me down big time I hated the first person narrative and I loathed Gen as a narrator even Side characters were bland world building was okay at best and the plot didn't go anywhere till the last 30 pages ​Despite all of this I will not soon but sometime continue with the book 2 I didn't suffer through this for nothing I will see for myself if the series do indeed get better My hopes are very low though Lower than low Also I looked ahead and book 2 is written in third person which is an improvement because I don't like first person narration fantasy BUT who writes first book in first person and then switches to the third person Who does that WhyMy WEBSITEMy INSTAGRAMMy WORDPRESS BLOG

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The Thief The Queens Thief #1The king's scholar the magus believes he knows the site of an ancient treasure To attain it for his king he needs a skillful thief and he s. Update 12292018Clearly I can never get tired of Megan Whalen Turner’s stories and Gen’s refreshing petulanceUpdate 62011 Let me just say if you feel so so about this book like I did please give its seuel The ueen of Attolia a try It made me forever and ever a dedicated fan of the series I have mixed feelings about this book I enjoyed it but I think I spoiled the experience for myself a little bit view spoilerThe reviewers like to point to a huge twist at the end of the story as the biggest reason for enjoying this book But if you know in advance that you should expect something it is very easy to pick up clues on the way and figure out the big secret fairly uickly I think this anticipation of the big reveal threw me off a bit and I ended up a little underwhelmed when the ending finally came What I should have concentrated on is the writing because it is superb Turner shows a great command of English language there is simply no word wasted in this story Turner's books are highly recommended by Kristin Cashore a great YA fantasy writer In fact the sentence structure the tightness and simplicity of The Thief reminded me of Graceling only Turner is definitely a stronger writer I also liked the thief himself Gen is a funny sneaky and extremely unreliable narrator who holds a lot back and while he tells the story in his own words he remains very anonymous throughout his adventures I thought it was a very interesting way to write a bookOverall I enjoyed this book enough to want to read the conseuent novels However my advice would be don't waste your time searching for clues and anticipating the huge climax and just enjoy the great writing and skillfully built fantasy world view spoiler hide spoiler

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READ & DOWNLOAD The Thief (The Queens Thief, #1) ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook â The king's scholar the magus believes he knows the site of an ancient treasure To attain it for his king he needs a skillful thief and he selects Gen from the king's prison The magus is interested only in the thief's abilities What GElects Gen from the king's prison The magus is interested only in the thief's abilities What Gen is interested in is anyone's guess Their j. Huh I really really liked this True enough I've decided to start The Thief in order to get to the seuels that all my friends adore and somehow I was at peace with the probable boredom I would feel during this first novel and My enjoyment felt so effortless From the characters to the world and the writing I've been enchanted Truly I hate horses I know people who think that they are noble graceful animals but regardless of what a horse looks like from a distance never forget that it is as likely to step on your foot as look at youWhat I dissembledGet on the horse you idiotMe So there's a lot of walking around as I'm sure Fantasy writers are somewhat paid by hiking brands but eh I wasn't bored I said that So We're not confronted with Frodo and Sam level of walking therefore I'm still here and not sleeping on my couch drooling That's something And for those of you who swear by TLOTR that's okay We can be friends still I'm not lending you my couch though YOUR CHOICE Anyway in The Thief Gen and his cough companions have a mission to steal a magical stone that will have the deplorable effect to give immense powers to the King of Sounis a complete asshole Don't be too hard on Gen though that's not as if the boy had a choice being a prisoner and all Their journey gives us the opportunity to learn about the world Megan Whalen Turner created as well as the characters and the complex relationship they develop between each other there's than meets the eyes and I live for this stuff okayAnd how I loved following these characters For my part I wanted Ambiades to understand that I considered myself a hierarchy of one ● Sophos you're too sweet for this world let me cuddle you what stop blushing ● Ambiades what's your deal shut up shut up I am annoyed● Magus I've still not forgiven you for the beating ● Pol ehhhhhhhhhhhhh● Gen Little filthy mouth uick witted and arrogant little thief I ADORE YOU He shows just the right amount of selfishness and cleverness to appeal to me and I can't hide that I loved his voice Indeed the story's told through his POV and having started The ueen of Attolia which is told in 3rd person POV I can say this The seuel's writing is objectively elaborate and I really enjoy getting to know other characters and seeing Gen through other people eyes but in my opinion the choice of the first POV for this debut is perfect needed even as it makes it so much easier to connect with Gen at first and I've never wanted to let go Now I'm ready to meet characters and the author's choice is perfect Ohhhhh and I know that some readers were annoyed by the Mythology bits but have you met me Sure the folklore is not so discreetly ripped straight from Greek Mythology but as I LOVE these tales I was damn pleased In the end I am so so curious about the directions Megan Whalen Turner will choose for her story I cannot wait a day to find out I need Now let me confess you something The Thief tricked me and I couldn't be happy If you're curious to know where my weird mind went and you HAVE READ THE BOOK please look at the spoiler below and shake your head at me I guess I am shameless though because being so far off made the experience even betterview spoilerAlright so I know that 90% of my friends seem to have found out the truth about Gen but I didn't I knew there was a twist but to my delight my hypothesis proved to be utterly wrong I thought that maybe Gen was a girl And I know I KNOW there are scenes where he strips down but I could always convince myself that he could hide it one way or another Crazy right awkward giggle Even Sonos's reactions when he acts so surprised that Gen's dad wanted him to be a soldier fed my delusion XD hide spoiler