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READ & DOWNLOAD ☆ MONEYEXPRESSCARD.CO.UK Ý Lisa McMann Не всички сънища са сладки Седемнайсетгодишната Джейни притежава уникалната способност да влиза в сънищата на другите Тя често бива изтръгната от собственото си съзнание за да бъде погълната от чужди видения И като че ли всички около нея. I picked this one up because the premise sounded so intriguing but ultimately I thought it was pretty disappointing The third person present tense narration really got on my nerves after a while and the story was told so choppily that I found it hard to really get involved Not to mention the ridiculous twist towards the end Spoiler Her formerly goth loser but now suddenly hot classmate with crazy nightmares turns out to be an undercover cop pretending to be a dealer in order to bust a huge drug operation run by another classmate's father Um what and the fact that her dreams and why they happen is never really explained beyond us being told that Janie reads a few dream books from the local library that supposedly solve everything talk about unsatisfying Apparently there's a seuel and maybe it explains but I don't think I'll be reading it

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DOWNLOAD ¹ Wake By Lisa McMann ✓ Не всички сънища са сладки Седемнайсетгодишната Джейни притежава уникалната способност да влиза в сънищата на другите Тя често бива изтръгната от собственото си съзнание крият най дълбоките си и тъмни тайни в сънищата си Джейни знае много неща за съучениците си но не може да сподели това с никого защото никой няма да й повярва или по лошо – ще я помислят за лудаТя старателно пази своята тайна докато не откри?. I've read countless YA novels in this past year but Wake is by far my favorite To be perfectly honest it's not the story that I like so much it's very interesting and well thought out but it was the writing that blew me away In her review Tatiana called McMann's writing style flawless and I must admit I was very intrigued by her choice of words at the time I understand now exactly what she meant Wake has a steady rhythm that you can almost feel in your bones while reading It’s very hard to describe but very easy to notice once you start reading I adore its simplicity and unpretentiousness Lisa McMann's writing is every linguist's dream Linguists are usually very sensitive when it comes to language economy and we especially dislike redundancy There isn't a single part that is redundant in WakeIn Delirium the MC leaves the house in the middle of the night to go to an illegal party and warn her best friend about a raid While she is on her way to perform this very important task Lauren Oliver takes the time to describe the streets and even trash cannes she walks by That’s pretty much where I lost my interest Writers tend to dilute their stories with descriptions and unnecessary facts In literary theory those parts of a text are called catalysts Wake is only about 200 pages long but that’s because there are no catalysts in it There isn’t a single word that dilutes the core The sentences are clean and short almost bare From my strictly structuralistic point of view that makes them almost perfect I'm in love with this book I can't wait to read the rest of the trilogy

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Wake By Lisa McMa?а че е привлечена от едно затворено момче чиито мрачни съновидения загатват за болезнено минало и мистерия която Джейни трябва да разбули Но сега на нея й е много по трудно защото за пръв път е не само свидетел на нечий кошмар Тя е и участни. 1 StarOverall Oh this was bad I already had low expectations because it was a random cover buy but it surpassed them The plot seemed so interesting but the writing was so choppy The characters were underdeveloped and there wasn't even a plot it was just bad ProsUh it’s a really cool plot idea I enjoyed the incorporation of lucid dreaming I liked the first few pages The character of Janie seemed interesting before I realized she was never expanded upon Cons Everything else I’m not one to just hate but this one had so many issues I'm not even sure how to keep track The writing style was so absurdly choppyLike I get stream of consciousness writing I get it But every sentence was a fragmented that restated EVERYTHING Then the fragments were just broken up further with divisions in time Then broken into itty chapters and spliced together paragraphsNone of the characters were ever expanded upon Cabel just doesn’t make any sense and I don’t understand any of his character’s motivation I never learned anything about Janie other than how inconvenienced she was by her circumstances What does she want What does she enjoy What was even the purpose of Carrie’s character Or Melinda Or Shay Or anyone There was no plot At all Just Janie walking through random dreams and becoming and upset by them Which sure it’s distressing But I expected her to have an idea of how to fix it discover some horrible secret about someone meet someone else with the same ability anything There was just no plot Random things just kept happening What was that romance even It came out of nowhere They don’t even really like or know each other but she walks in his dream one time and he buys her a snickers and suddenly they're in love There's a whole scene where Janie determines someone is a lesbian because they are dreaming of another female with huge cartoon esue boobs Like just seriously massive tits And then it becomes a joke that continues the rest of the novel In conclusion