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Free download Still Life with Oysters and Lemon On Objects and Intimacy ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Although at first glance this slim volume appears to be a uick read it should be lingered over and reread to uncover the full depth of its beauty and insight Combining meAl lifetime Further defined by imperfections attained from use each object from an aging oak table to a chipped blue and white china platter forms a springboard for reflection Doty intersperses personal reminiscences throughout but he always returns to the subject of still life painting and its silent elouence Doty's observations on balance grief beauty space love and time are imparted with wisdom and poetic graceBooks like this that address the sources of creation and the sources of our humanness come along once in a decade Susan Salter Reynolds Los Angeles TimesThis small book is as wise sensitive intense and affecting as. i feel utterly changed by this book i want to press it into the whole world's hands the devotion clarity care that doty shows each piece of art each memory each person thought each moment of wonder and curiosity and grief it's moving in that sublime immense way in the devastating personal vital small way please read it

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Anything I have read in recent years Doris Grumbach author of Fifty Days of SolitudeA gem Library JournalMark Doty's prose is insistently exploratory yet every aside every detour turns into pertinence and it all seems effortless as though the author were wondering and marveling aloud Bernard Cooper author of Truth SerumA dazzling accomplishment its radiance bred of lucid attention and acute insight The subject is the profoundly personal act of perception translated into description Doty succeeds in rendering this most contemplative of arts the still life into a riveting drama Patricia Hampl author of I Could Tell You Stori. One of the best books I have read yetNow I think there is a space inside me that is like the dark inside that hollow sphere and things float up into view images that are vessels of meaning the flotsam and detail of any particular moment Vanished things Or vanished from my life at least Who knows where they might be now to what use they may have been put what other meanings have been assigned to them p 26The still life's movement toward simplicity comes to its oddest perhaps inevitable conclusion in the development of paintings of single things rendered with an absolute attention a perfection of eye and hand brought to what is no longer in dialogue with anything else but a simple one on one exchange object to viewer p 43More world just when you think you've seen what there is to see That is how I felt coming back to life after a period of grief reentering the world Well that phrase is somewhat misleading Of course I'd never left; it was simply that I was going through the motions of a life in which I no longer had faith because I had come too close to death p 46Not that grief vanishes far from it but that it begins in time to coexist with pleasure; sorrow sits right beside the rediscovery of what is to be cherished in experience Just when you think you're done p 47Here you are the painters say a body in the city of bodies in concert in the astonishing republic of things the world of light which is the same gray world sliding past the boat lapping and chilly alive with detail as the boat pushes further forward slipping away p 55As if the world were a corridor through which the body moved p 57That I think is the deepest secret of these paintings finally although it seems just barely in the realm of the sayable this feeling that beneath the attachments and appurtenances the furnishings of selfhood what we are is attention a uick physical presence in the world a bright point of consciousness in a wide field from which we are not really separate That in a field of light we are intensifications of that light p 68

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Still Life with Oysters and Lemon On Objects and IntimacyAlthough at first glance this slim volume appears to be a uick read it should be lingered over and reread to uncover the full depth of its beauty and insight Combining memoir with artistic and philosophical musings the poet and National Book Critics Circle Award winner for My Alexandria begins by confessing his obsession with the 17th century Dutch still life that serves as the title of this book As he analyzes the items depicted in the painting he skillfully introduces his thoughts on our intimate relationships to objects and subseuently explains how they are often inextricably bound to the people and places of an individu. This book is notable for me for a couple of reasons firstly due to it being the first e book I’ve read such is my favoring of print and secondly because Mark Doty so unexpectedly swept me off my feet with his exuisite poetic prose I don’t think I’ve read a book uite like this remarkable in its ability to compress so much profundity into so small a place and to have it flow with such elegance and grace Every sentence seemed to demand of me a pause for reflection This man positively waltzes with wordsWalking the galleries of the Upper East side one random day he comes across a three hundred and fifty year old still life painting by Jan Davidsz de Heem so explaining the title of the book which completely captivates him I have fallen in love with a painting Though that phrase doesn’t seem to suffice not really – rather it’s that I have been drawn into the orbit of a painting have allowed myself to be pulled into its sphere by casual attraction deepening to something compelling I have felt the energy and life of the painting’s will; I have been held there instructed And the overall effect the result of looking and looking into its brimming surface as long as I could look is love by which I mean a sense of tenderness toward experience of being held within an intimacy with the things of the world It is this that springboards him into a melancholic review of the intimacies of his life as he extrapolates from the effect that the painting has on him to a deeper consideration of the items which are precious to him and the people that are intertwined with them Entranced with the still life objects of the painting – the oysters the slivers of lemon he muses ‘these things had a history a set of personal meanings; they were someone’s'This moment of significance takes him completely off guard as epiphanies are prone to do and launches him into a lengthy meditation on the personal items which become part of the histories of our lives imbued as they are with such personal meaning for each and every one of us Thus the blue and white platter purchased at a second hand sale and brought home prior to his partner's death becomes inseparably bound up with reminders of their lives together; this he slowly and poignantly unravelsThis book is the result of that lyrical wonderment a deep reverie about how our most special possessions intersect with who we are who we love and who we ultimately lose