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Free read ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ð Hallie Crawford Stillwell Ell Ranch in 1918 But she uickly became an invaluable part of the workings on the ranch She watched and learned from her husband Roy Stillwell and she adjusted to the new life style that she grew to love The ranch hands who thought she would only last six months came to respect her and her abilities to do as much work as any man on the ranch They became a family Then Roy and Hallie started a family of their own Three children were a handful and the Stillwell family split its time between the ranch and a home in town On the ranch outside Marathon near the Mexican border work was hard and joy came in. ALWAYS MARRY A WOMAN FROM TEXAS NO MATTER HOW TOUGH THINGS GET SHE’S SEEN TOUGHER” DAN RATHERA Must Read for Anyone Traveling to Out WestFor each seasonal list we include a nonfiction pick the autobiography “I’ll Gather My Geese” was part of the winter list and after reading it I’m inclined to include Texas women on our book lists Hallie Stillwell was the embodiment of everything a non Texan thinks a Texan is even today She was bold and a bit daring A woman who did what needed to be done even if she had to figure out exactly what that was“I’ll Gather My Geese” is Hallie Stillwell’s account of how she came to be a ranchwoman in the early twentieth century in a land that is still untamed and dangerous She gives us a glimpse into the realities of not only being a woman on a borderland ranch before all of our modern conveniences but also being a new wife a mother and a greenhornbBy Page 14 She’s Had a Life Worth LivingI should warn this is not a book that reads like a movie It is not a bodice ripper and there is only one explosion This is Hallie Stillwell’s accounting of her life She writes in a very straightforward easy to read manner without unnecessary embellishments In fact it really feels as though you are having a conversationShe begins at the beginning By page fourteen she has run from Pancho Villa’s soldiers been protected by Texas Rangers and moved to a border town by herself to teach school About this time she meets Roy her husband to be and her life becomes something new a cattle rancherAlso of note this is not history that has been modernized to current values Though she was independent and managed to do these amazing things she was a woman of her day She wanted to please her husband she wanted to be a mother and she makes no ualms about these thingsOn than one occasion she becomes embarrassed of disappointing Roy her husband with some perceived failure And it is easy to look at someone else’s life and say “Well he should have just” but that is not the moral or intent of this storyThis story is about how she lived and the choices she made It is a glimpse into not only another world as a Texan I have never been ranching like this and another time It is a story of a woman delivering a twelve pound baby after 48 hours of labor with no drugs and a story of learning to fit in when she moves to a rival town and a ranch wife cutting hair and doing nails to make extra moneyThe Wild WestThis autobiography will take you back to what life was like in Marathon and Alpine when Big Bend National Park was being established and the small town life surrounding this area of Texas It is still a time when people eually drove cars and rode horses and came to town for the ‘big dance’It is Hallie Stillwell’s story of finding the love of her life and living in the place she loved best Of raising her family and improving her community in a way that has left a lasting mark on an area that does not change uickly but a world that doesIf you have even a middling interest in Early Twentieth Century American History Depression Era History WWI Homefront History Texas History Women’s History Ranching History or plan on riding out west to pass through her old stomping grounds of Marathon Alpine and the Big Bend area then this book is a must read Because while it touches on all of those topics it is not just one of those things it is a story of a well lived life The story of a strong woman whose passion for a ranch she was not born to spurred her to take on tasks she never imagined“I’ll Gather My Geese” is a book worth your time however it ends shortly after the death of her husband in 1948 This was not the end of her story Hallie’s life went on until two months two days shy of her 100th birthday in 1997 The second volume of her memoirs is called “My Goose is Cooked”This review was originally posted on GreaterHoustonMomscom

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I'll Gather My Geese Read & Download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ In 1916 Hallie Crawford went to teach school in Presidio just across the Rio Grande from Ojinaga Mexico which had been recently captured by Pancho Villa Hallie's father considering this a dangerous place for a young woman of nineteen to live alone told he The simple things After working cattle all day relaxing under the arbor in front of the house was a pleasure Hallie had a favorite rock out behind the house and she often sat on it to watch the sun set take a break from her energetic youngsters or otherwise gain some tranuility and perspectiveThe ranch and its inhabitants survived two world wars the depression droughts an influenza epidemic as well as the everyday troubles of ranching in the Big Bend country Hallie's story told in a personal and engaging way is fascinating reading for anyone interested in the history of pioneering ranching in Texa. West Texas FamilyIf you are interested in the way people lived and thrived in the early 1900s this is a great book I am a big fan of Big Bend and it was fun to read about those small towns I hold dear

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I'll Gather My GeeseIn 1916 Hallie Crawford went to teach school in Presidio just across the Rio Grande from Ojinaga Mexico which had been recently captured by Pancho Villa Hallie's father considering this a dangerous place for a young woman of nineteen to live alone told her he thought she was going on a wild goose chase Then I'll gather my geese she told him with determination and independence These traits stayed with Hallie all her life and were indispensable in her role as a ranch wife Raised as a proper Southern woman Hallie was not prepared for the difficulties she faced when she moved to her new home the Stillw. This memoir of Hallie Stillwell gives insight into the life of a young bride determined to fit in with her new husband on a cattle ranch in the Big Bend area of Texas from 1918 1940 She led a life of hardwork primitive living conditions hardships and loved itAll those tiny Texas towns Marfa Marathon Iraan Alpine play a big part Mishaps adventures embarrassing moments dissappointments and lots of good times keep the pages turning