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Read Lord of the Shadows ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ The year is 1215 AD and the reign of King John means dark days for all of England Not one man woman or child lived without fear Magnifying this fear is the man they call The Lord of the Shadows a terrifying figure who sits at the right hand of the King manipulating the royal movesBy her father having no sons he shares all with his eldest daughter a stunningly beautiful and bright creature Upon his death Sheridan finds herself at the head of the mighty House of St James a major leader in the rebellion against the crown During her first visit to London she becomes acuainted with a massive knight who has in kindness saved her sister's life She has no idea Sir Sean de Lara is the man known as The Lord of the Shadows but even when she is told of his horrible deeds she still cannot not believe it Sheridan and Sean draw close despite the influence of the horrendous affairs of state sweeping L. Five Amazing StarsRescuedI was completely thrilled to enjoy this this marvellous wonderful book Lord of the Shadows With the wonderful series The Great March Lord of de Lara Written by one of my favourite writers Kathryn Le Veue This brilliant most terrifying and exciting tale expands during the time of the thirteenth century This was a most marvellous book to enjoyAt the beginning of the 1215 AD Sean was hiding away so he’d be able to get away from the others that day at his palace Although that morning in early January he hadn’t The sight was completely shocking for him when he saw this woman dangling from the building so high above There was so many cries from her He knew he’d have to help her at onceAfter saving this woman from death and injury She was certainly pleased She was now willing to be at his service and even now she wouldn’t leave him at all She pleaded with him now she didn’t want to let goI thoroughly adored and absolutely loved this marvellous most wonderful book Written so beautifully by Kathryn Le Veue With such wonderful and exciting characters throughout I simply loved this book so dearly I recommend this book to everyone

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The year is 1215 AD and the reign of King John means dark days for all of England Not one man woman or child lived without fear Magnifying this fear is the man they call The Lord of the Shadows a terrifying figure who sits at the right hand of the King manipulating the royal moves like a puppet master The Lord of the Shadows has been known to tear men apart with his bare hands and can with a snap of his fingers alter the future of anyone he chooses The nobility is terrified of him and for good reason That is the nobility that know of his existance Lady Sheridan St James has been drawn into the political arena. Edit 529 to add some uotes and hopefully clean the review up a bit Apologies for tl;drSecond edit 530 Correct typos additional clarification on historical accuracy after visiting author's websiteFull disclosures1 I own a copy of this purchased in a boxed set Magnificent Medieval Men A Medieval Romance Boxed Set2 I am posting this review on my private profile It is my intention to only to share this review with my Goodreads friends If I had the option to mark this for friends only I would do so any snark humorous comments contained in this review are only intended for above said friends3 While I understand from the author's notes that this was originally written in 2009 when the internet and info wasn't uite so instantaneous it still should have been fact checked and spell checked prior to releasing this on the world I don't believe distain is a word that exists in the English language 4 I understand this is a historical romance and granted I haven't seen the author all over the net claiming this is historically accurate but there are still so many historical howlers that I feel I must address some of them There won't be enough room in this review space for every one of them Edited comment See author's FA My books are historically accurate 98% of the time but there is occasion when I take slight artistic license as a writer It's rare but I do I use real battles and real historical figures to incorporate into my novels5 I freely admit to having read and loved Julie Garwood's medievals back in the day and loved them to bits despite the inaccuracies I highly doubt I could go back to that fairyland of medieval make believe now The book begins in January 1215 Tower of London a few months prior to the signing of the Magna Carta John is king and per this author he's a sex depraved baddie of the very worst kind If he spots a beauteous maiden and desires her his flunkies will deliver said maiden to his rooms where he abuses them and leaves them for his flunkies to take their turn Doesn't matter if they're married or unmarried an earl's daughter or that everyone in the kingdom knows the king is a sexual sadist where is his ueen BTW You would think all the barons would keep their women folk out of town but no The room was dark and smelled like painful sexEwwwwwwThis King John also has seizures my medieval expert says no that's not the case although his father did Apparently the reader needs to be clubbed over the head to tell us what a nasty brute he is so we also hear that he rarely bathes my medieval expert says he was a freuent bather and had poor hygiene look up the origin of that word Hell my medieval expert tells me John was all over England in January 2015 and not hanging out raping women in the Tower of London John a short man with a droopy eye and noticeably bad hygiene gestured benevolently to the group in the hall He was speaking with the petulance of a child exaggerated with dribble flying from his lips Sean knew that paroxysms were imminentOrigin of PAROXYSMMiddle English paroxism from Medieval Latin paroxysmus from Greek paroxysmos from paroxynein to stimulate from para oxynein to provoke from oxys sharp — at oxygenFirst Known Use 15th centuryIf I had paid someone to edit my book and got these kinds of results I would ask for my money back Just sayin' “The king wants nothing than to rob you of your maidenhood and violate you as you cannot even possibly imagine that a man could do I could tell you horror stories that would give you nightmares for the rest of your life but I will refrain simply for the fact that I would protect your dignity as a ladyI have a higher tolerance level for dead defaming in those older cray cray romances from the 70s and 80s but not with today's books and with fact checking so readily available I believe John had a reputation as a bit of a womanizer but this No No No All righty on to the H and h Our hero is a huge brute of a man who is John's #1 bad guy and supposed procurer of women and murderer of any baron who might cross John's path Everyone in the land fears him but he's got a bit of a secret that's pretty damned easy to guess view spoilerhe's a super secret agent for William Marshall sic plus his forebears go back older than the Norman Conuest and he's a viscount to boot no I am not kidding hide spoiler

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Lord of the ShadowsOndon All she knows is that he is handsome and kind and although Sean is well aware of the lady's status it makes no difference that she is in perception his enemy To him she is uickly becoming his reason for living but out of necessity his responsibilities to the king become stronger than his love for Sheridan and he is forced to perform his duties or risk death to them both Still he swears to her that his days as the Shadow Lord are numbered even as rival factions cruelly separated them It soon becomes a test of Sean and Sheridan's love to find each other again in a world which is determined to keep them apa. A wonderful book with a great hero and heroine A really well written story full of excitement and romance Well recommended