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Download Cell Author Stephen King Book Ñ 449 pages õ Stephen king í WHERE WERE YOU ON OCTOBER 1ST AT 303 PMGraphic artist Clay Riddell was in the heart of Boston on that brilliant autumn afternoon when hell was unleashed before his eyes Without warning carnage and chaos reigned Ordinary people fell victiUmn afternoon when hell was unleashed before his eyes Without warning carnage and chaos reigned Ordinary people fel This is Stephen's spin on Zombies These things are Zombie like but they aren't really zombies These things seem to still be alive needing food not just brains and if you cut them they will still bleed Yet they no longer think and they are fairly mindless like a zombie Stephen riffs off zombiesI found this book entertaining and I didn't want to put the story down Stephen is amazing at writing characters and I was drawn in by Clay Tom and Alice We meet them in the heart of Boston when the pulse goes out and the world gets extremely crazy There was blood and gore and violence in this book but I have to say I was expecting a lot and there could have been The people who didn't use their phones had to figure out what happened and the new rules of the gameRule 1 don't use a cell phoneRule 2 Zombies sleep at night or they go away and so the night is safe and the day is dangerousrule 3 these zombies flock like birdsI want to talk about the plot so I'm going to get SpoilerySpoiler WarningThe main bad zombie comes toward the middle of the book when they are in New Hampshire The gang finds their way to an Academy and they find out what the zombies do at night they reset and look like they are sleeping Clay helps to move some gas tankers in the middle of their sleep uarters and they blow up around 1000 of them They get less blood thirsty and they evolve They are telepathic and communicate through dreams and speaking to your mind or they can take over your body They can also fly Yes Flying zombies How the zombies were defeated was a solid ending but the last chapter was a downer He leaves the ending on a cliff hanger or with no answers given which I don't mind that device when used sparingly but Clay has a kid and the kid was up in Maine when the pulse happens so he is looking for the kid the whole book The kid was turned to a zombie The gang blows up the zombies at the climax and Clay hopes his son wasn't there Clay goes looking for his kid and his kid isn't dead of course I think the book would have been clean and bold if he didn't find his kid and meet up with Tom at the end I don't like the fact that he was able to find the kid It feels too neat somehow for this book It made for a weak finish to the story in my opinion It seemed like a fairytaleI thought this was middle of the pack as far as Stephen King books go This was an engaging read and I enjoyed my experience reading this but it's not one of his best either It's right in the middle of the pack It certainly conveys how society walks such a thin rope of functioning and anarchy It does make one think It's apocalyptic Now I need to see the movie Take away be wary of technology

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WHERE WERE YOU ON OCTOBER 1ST AT 303 PMGraphic artist Clay Riddell was in the heart of Boston on that brilliant aut Literary critics can moan all they want about Stephen King's penny dreadful oeuvre but his mastery at the craft of storytelling is indisputable King writes his novels like a seduction the story unfolding delicately and deliberately As any Stephen King fan knows his coy expository chapters often take up the first hundred pages or In Cell however the reader is brutally dragged into the main action unspeakable senseless violence within the first seven pages Cell is by far King's most brutal transgressive work to dateMany have compared Cell to his earlier epic The Stand On the surface the novels are uite similar an apocolyptic event threatens the very existence of the human race as a band of survivors struggle to come to terms with the carnage and avert further catastrophe Cell however is the far mature novel of the pair The Stand was in many ways a novel by an idealistic youth whereas Cell is filled with the trenchant and world weary observations of an adult The subtext is laden with so much chillingly apt futurist rhetoric that it is as though the author had Marshall McLuhan whispering plot devices and metaphors into his ear as he labored over his typewriter King manages to explore several of the major sociocultural conflicts of our time most persuasively the end of the era of individualism and the rise of collectivism here symptomatic of heavy reliance on technology Whereas many dystopian novels are almost comically blunt when expounding upon the dangers of collectivism King's horrific plot and action give his metaphors a sort of subtlety that renders his subtext much graceful and easier to stomach than the work of Ayn RandAs the epigraphs indicate it is also a meditation on the intrinsic violence of the human race King clearly feels as though the world is out of control and wants to find out why His preferred genre horror is an excellent one with which to consider the depravaties of modern life The Stand was a novel that if not upbeat was at least optimistic a reflection of the times in which it was written There was also violence but it had its own biblical logic if violence can ever be called logical In Cell the violence is senseless oppressive and omnipresent There seems to be little promise for a better world at least not one inhabited by human beingsMany reviewers took issue with the unresolved ending Considering the subtext of the novel however the reader will find that the ending's abruptness actually informs the sense that Cell besides being an excellent horror yarn is a meticulously painted portrait of the horrors of global culture The many crises of our time are still developing and mutating The end is not yet it seems in sight

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Cell Author Stephen KiL victim to the basest most animalistic destructionAnd the apocalypse began with the ring of a cell phoneback cover I would give this one 3 12 stars I've read better and worse by King Not very scary interesting idea and take on a kind of Zombie like Apocalypse Great book to read while waiting for a plane ;