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FREE EPUB ò MOBI Eyes of Silver · Eyes of Gold ✓ Eyes is a story of family conflicts set in Colorado in 1885 Unmarried at 28 Anne Wells is a disgrace to her rigidly conventional family Cord Bennett is the black sheep of the Bennett clan When these two misfits are found alone together violence explodes Can Anne and Cord uAnne and Cord use the freedom of being condemned for sins they didn’t commit to make a life together in spite of their families 4 STARS Too much strength could be a curse leaving a person unable to bend only break I've been meaning to read this one for so long Thank you Birjis for convincing me to finally take the plunge What a storyPlot in a nutshell An outcast due to his mixed heritage Cord has developed a reputation as an uncaring and violent man one that's not completely undeserved Too much of his life had been lived in a withdrawn and silent way Anne doesn't fit with her family either and when they try to force her to marry a man she despises she runs DISASTER ensues She had been condemned for a sin she had not committed and was surprised to realize it only set her free Cord and Anne are thrown together and against all the odds these two attempt to build a life for themselvesI swear there's no way a person can read the first few chapters of this book and not continue They were gut wrenching heart breaking and soul uplifting And they set the stage for the rest of the story perfectly Despite their differences Cord and Anne were wonderful together He suppressed every emotion She suppressed none My only complaint was that a couple of times the story was pushed too far into unbelievable territory However that didn't take away from some of the incredible highs found within the narrativeIf you're a fan of historical westerns I can't imagine you not enjoying this one I highly recommend

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Eyes is a story of family conflicts set in Colorado in 1885 Unmarried at 28 Anne Wells is a disgrace to her rigidly conventional STILL Better Every Time Re read 72519Re read 52019Re read 3717Re read 7415 ReviewALL the Stars This book really took me by surprise Westernhistorical romance is one of my all time favorite genres but I had never read or heard of this author before I don't even remember what prompted me to read this but it was just outstanding The writing and storytelling was fantastic and the characters were so well fleshed out and truly tangible in a way I haven't experienced in a while Annie and Cord were both original uniue charactersThey went through so much that brought them together and then they fought to stay together Their uiet love story was so enjoyable to read and I loved every momentThis is definitely going my my All Time Favorites list

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Eyes of Silver Eyes of GoldFamily Cord Bennett is the black sheep of the Bennett clan When these two misfits are found alone together violence explodes Can That was so awesomeI was really wondering why all my friends in goodreads think that this is a very good book – especially because most of them do not share the same tastes in books and especially in romance booksI think the main reason for the love for this particular book is that it is the book full of small satisfying victories Anne Wells and Cord Bennett have survived being different in a world of average people until they reached their late twenties Anne at this age is considered an old spinster and weird She has already broken up her relationship with a descent for the standards of that society man and destroyed their engagement without hesitation Now she refuses to marry the old unloving disgusting man that her father wants her to marry She is locked in her room and starved for weeks until she manages to escape and end up in Cord’s farm asking for helpNow Cord is considered an outlier in the respectable society of that small town in Colorado The son of a rancher and a Cheyenne woman; he is someone that almost everyone fears – including his own half brothers and sisters He has almost killed a few men he has almost killed his own brother he left the small town and apparently killed men; until he came back looking like a savage and started looking after his farm and his horses aloneWhen Anne and Cord met the morning of Anne’s getaway; Anne understood how brutal her father is; how much people do not care and how many hypocrites are around Anne and Cord almost died that morningAnne and Cord were reborn after a few weeks Mainly depending on each otherAnd then the problems begin Cord thinks that Anne is too good for him Anne thinks that Cord cannot love The small town thinks that Cord holds Anne hostage Anne's father wants Anne back and locked up Anne's mother wants Anne happy and back home Cord's family thinks that Cord is a savage and can snap any moment Eveyone is afraid of Cord Everyone ignores and feels sorry for Anne Gossips and insults everywhere Anne and Cord go Not enough money to survive the winter Too much pride to ask for helpAs I have said before this is a book of small victories that if you add them up you will have an out of proportion joy when you finish this bookWhile the civilized well mannered citizens and role models of the small town are busy hating; Anne and Cord are busy falling in love and gaining and friendsThe pages were flying when I was reading the book Although it is a fairly long book I could not put it down Anne is one of the most likable heroines Fierce determined lovable She radiates warmth and light Under the hesitant protection and unspoken love by Cord her inner strength will be multiplied and be offered freely to all the living creatures men women and animals that need her helpCord is definitely husband material He is loyal protective and brutal with the people who threaten the peace of his family He can only love once and foreverHighly recommended book by almost everybody