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Dark Prince Summary ✓ 8 ✓ An incomparable gift for Christine Feehan fansDark Prince returns in a new author’s cut special edition #1 New York Times bestseller Feehan revisits her classic tale of paranormal romance—the breathtaking story of a beautiful hunter with extraordinary telepathic abilities captivated by the powerful allure of a tormented pAutiful hunter with extraordinary telepathic abilities captivated by the powerful allure of a tormented prince of the mysterious Carpathians expanding the beloved story by 100 never before seen pages Here is your golden. When I try to evaluate this book I close my eyes and picture old fashioned weighing scales On the left is the negative aspect about this novel On the right the positives will be measured The negativeTruly there was only one My only real complaint was thisI've noticed that Ms Feehan will use very long sentences and as many words as possible in most sentences to convey her story She will write things repetitively instead of just once although I think a lot of authors have this tendency It makes the narrative very dense resulting in somewhat difficult reading This effect is especially noticeable when I am tired or I want a uick read Out of all of her books that I've read this was the hardest book to read The good news is this was her first book I am not a published author and I may never become one only time will tell But this is my philosophy I give writers the respect due to them Despite the fact that it was tough reading at times I did like this story and I got a vivid picture of what Ms Feehan was writing about with her story I think she wrote a singular book here Because this was her first book I definitely give her leeway and experience has shown that she has learned to use words economically since this first endeavor although she will never be a succinct writer Knowing her writing style I read her when I'm in the mood And when I am in the mood I usually go away from her stories very happy I had heard this book was pretty bad and I'd have to disagree with that statement I feel it's probably a matter of personal tastes really Although I will freely admit it was a somewhat difficult readThe PositivesI really really like this concept of the Carpathians I think Ms Feehan has taken the vampire romance and put her own personal stamp on it Something about these lonely people primarily men doomed to succumb to their own dark natures yearning for a woman to complete them to make them whole it calls to me I like the dark nature of the men and how love has the power to save them I'm sappy that way I love the vividness of the world she has created The rules are clear cut and make sense to me It's such a fascinating world for me I love the drama even if sometimes I did smile when it seemed pretty over the top Heck that's what I like when I read paranormal romance If I wanted run of the mill romance I wouldn't reach for a vampire romance I think the men are pretty sexy Yes they are pretty old world in their values They are kind of dark and scary and primitive in some ways I'm not afraid to admit that works for me when I'm in the mood for it It's not my real life and I don't read to see my real life played out How boring would that be I want escapism drama extraordinary stories I get that with the Carpathian books Although the Carpathian men are I see I take kind of men when it comes to their life mates; at the same time they seem to value womankind holding them in very high esteem You could see how much Mikhail truly treasured Raven He would die if she died The other Carpathians watched over her very carefully and saw her as the hope for their race I don't see these men as brutal misogynists at all I cannot ascribe modern day rules to a man who is practically immortal and who has lived millenia I realize that this kind of story won't work for everyone I'm not ashamed to say

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Opportunity to experience the first book in Christine Feehan’s remarkable Dark saga as you never have before whether it’s a glorious re entrance into this writer’s mystical unforgettable worldor your very first vis. Mikhail Dubrinsky and Raven WhitneyThe book cover is old fashioned the writing style is so decadent and dreamy Still it is such an interesting approach to the vampiresshifters mythology and fated matingIt made me remember that the first PNR stories about shifters were the stories about the vampires A vampire could transform into a bat or a wolfIt also made me remember that vampires love sleeping inside the earth They are supposed to be the oldest creatures alive so their connection to earth and blood is their connection to lifeI noticed that the Carpathian vampires in this series are a bit Neanderthal and the heroines are a bit like damsels in distress but I honestly do not mind this at all Raven stared up at his face drinking in the strong lines and the way he looked at her with something close to adoration She smiled at him “I think you’ve managed to put some kind of spell on me” “If I did” he whispered “it backfired and I managed to ensnare myself as well”

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Dark PrinceAn incomparable gift for Christine Feehan fansDark Prince returns in a new author’s cut special edition #1 New York Times bestseller Feehan revisits her classic tale of paranormal romance the breathtaking story of a be. 45 You Are My Lifemate StarsFirst read June 2012Reread January 8 2016Reread January 20 2017Reread oct 25 2020 Some Spoilers Your pain was so sharp so terrible I couldn't ignore it I thought you might like to talk Death is not an answer to unhappiness I think you know that In any case I'll stop if you wish it RavenSometimes when it's been a while since you read a book you can forget just how wonderful it is You remember it was special that you loved it It stands out in your memories but memories normally pale to the truth I had forgotten how captivating imaginative and amazing the Carpathians world Christine Feehan created is Her Carpathian race are just boundless They can pretty much do anything And I love that I loved Dark Prince from beginning to end I only reason this book didn't get a full 5 stars is because even thought I like Raven a lot and even though I got that it was necessary to the plot Raven had some stupid moments Like Joey from Friends Stupid Do not try to leave me Raven The car drew up in front of the inn I hold what is mine and make no mistake you are mine Mikhail We really are from two different worlds aren't we she asked sadly He brought her hand to the warmth of his mouth There is such a thing as compromise little one We can move between the two worlds or create our own Raven and MikhailBut even with the stupid things she did she was still endearing and so It was pretty easy to overlook her ditzyness Raven is alone in the world Different from others She is telepathic Her powers are so strong that she can't touch people without it hurting her because she can feel their emotions She uses her powers to help track serial killers But that has left her tormented over the things she has relived through the killer's minds Raven goes to the Carpathian Mountains to rest and clear her mind of the darkness There she hears Mikhail thoughts feels his pain and reaches out to help him changing her world forever Even though he comes on strong Raven feels like she belongs with Mikhail She sees good in him when all he sees is dark Raven is a bit naive She always sees the good in others So sweet and kindhearted she is always trying to help others even putting herself at risk to do so I could understand her being fearful of the speed at which her and Mikhail's relationship takes off I also feel like if Mikhail had told Raven everything from the start she may have made better choicesI would trust you with my life Mikhail vampire or no And I would trust you with the life of my children You're arrogant and sometimes overbearing but you could never be evil If you are a vampire then a vampire is not the creature of the legends RavenMy Raven You have it all don't you Charm you're so sexy you should be locked up and you have a smile men would kill for Or women however you want to look at it He bent to kiss her one hand closing over her breast possessively You need to mention what a great lover I am Men need to hear these things Really She arched an eyebrow at him I don't dare You're already as arrogant as I can stand Raven and MikhailMikhail is the prince and ruler of his people He like all Carpathian males over the age of 200 has no emotions and doesn't see in color He is trying to save his race from dying out The males need their Lifemates to bring light to their darkn