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doc ´ The Taming of the Rake ´ 379 pages Download ¶ Kasey Michaels ¹ MEET THE BLACKTHORN BROTHERS— THREE UNREPENTANT SCOUNDRELS INFAMOUS FOR BEING MAD BAD AND PERILOUS TO LOVE Charming wealthy and wickedly handsome Oliver “Beau” Blackthorn has it allexcept revenge on the enemy he canChance to run off with the notorious eldest Blackthorn brother knowing she’s only a pawn in his game But as Beau draws her deep into a world of intrigue danger and explosive passion does she dare hope he’ll choose love over vengeanc Road Trip Road Trip Road Trip Saddle up those ponies we are off on an adventureKasey Michaels has been around for uite awhile In fact a number of her older books are some of my favorites but I've been disappointed in her newer offerings I opened The Taming of the Rake with a little trepidation Have you ever picked up a book and from the very first page just knew that it was going to be a humdinger? Well my fellow readers Ms Michaels' latest is that and I was than delighted to find a little bit of the old Kasey Michaels hiding in those chaptersThis is the beginning of a new series about the three illegitimate Blackthorne brothers Beau Puck and Jack The first story is about the eldest brother Beau and his nemesis the heroine ChelseaAs I read this story it became hard for me to say which of these two characters I liked best I love Chelsea she reminded me a lot of some of the women from a Preston Sturges movie rapid fire snappy smart dialog uick witted and always one step ahead of the hero This doesn't mean she's mean it's just she has a wise cracking mouth However she has a brain to go with that mouth She also sees the frailties of the people surrounding her especially our hero BeauBeau What a wonderful hero And the moniker of rake is misleading; he's of a a bad boy Beau's character is also loaded with fun dialog but there seem to be layers to him And after being introduced to his mother and father a lot of his layers are explained Ms Michaels has created uite a fascinating dysfunctional family I'm really looking forward watching the family dynamics unfold Beau's brother Puck plays a large part in this book and while he seems a bit of a frivolous fellow I suspect there's a lot that doesn't meet the eye Jack has a smaller part in the book; however his character seemed to be a lot darker And wait till you meet the mother what an appalling womanBack to Beau I loved watching him as he fell in love it was a mighty struggle but pretty funnyThe is also a trio of villains or as they end up a trio of not very nice sleazy people They were even interesting but I doubt we will see them in the next books The Taming of the Rake was a great story of two people who have an adventure and along the way discover love I was on my way to giving this book a really high rating except there was just one too many adventures or maybe two to many And even though there was an explanation given for the enmity between Beau and Chelsea's brother I found it a little lacking considering how many lives were disrupted But those were just minor uibbles in an otherwise wonderful book For those of you who are fans of Ms Michaels you're going to like this one And for those of you who have never read her this is a good one to start with

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MEET THE BLACKTHORN BROTHERS THREE UNREPENTANT SCOUNDRELS INFAMOUS FOR BEING MAD BAD AND PERILOUS TO LOVE Charming wealthy and wickedly handsome Oliver “Beau” Blackthorn has it allexcept revenge on the enemy he can’t forget Now t 25 stars out of 3If your main character is going to be super sarcastic and bitchy she must also have a softer side a sense of humor or something redeeming about her that makes you want to like her Chelsea did not have that other side She was pushy demanding used guilt to get her way and basically manipulated Beau to get what she wanted The ironic part of all this is Chelsea as a young girl in the beginning of the book showed a tender side Sadly that tenderness was nowhere to be found once she reached adult hoodBeau what can I say about Beau I liked him He had a sense of humor but he also had issues My problem is I didn't do my review right after I read the book I rated it and moved on Now I forgot most of the story I had to look at my updates just to remember what happened That in itself speaks volumes about what I thought of the bookIt was simply forgettable

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The Taming of the RakeHe opportunity for retribution has fallen into his hands But his success hinges on Lady Chelsea Mills Beckman the one woman with the power to distract him from his uest Desperate to escape her family’s control Lady Chelsea seizes the In an effort to escape marriage to a stuffy preacher who is uite oily Chelsea Mills Beckman escapes to Oliver Beau Blackthorn who has been seeking revenge against her brother from a humiliating set down he delivered on the front steps of their home after he dared to ask his sister’s hand in marriage With Chelsea beating down his door Beau finds the opportunity to exact revenge almost as irresistible as Chelsea herself This book started off with a really good prologue I was completely engaged and really looking forward to finding out what happened to Beau and Chelsea Their next meeting as mature adults was under the extreme emergency for Chelsea at least I found it a little bit hasty and drastic for Beau to just go ahead with Chelsea’s plan to run off and immediately get married I mean really if someone you haven’t seen in 7 years burst into your home and declared that you must marry them wouldn’t you take a bit of time probably week’s worth of time coming to a decision if you even managed to let yourself consider it in the first place? So the plot was a little bit for me to swallow but then I also had a major problem with the amount of words in the dialogue It was uite lengthy and at times felt as though the characters were competing with one another over who could be the wittiest wordiest person speaking This is just a small sample of a tiny part in one conversation“One my brother did you a great unforgivable harm seven years ago Two he is by nature a very stupid man—and easily led as you seem already to have ascertained on your own hence the spoiled grapes Three just after our father died Thomas became very ill and thought he was going to die before he could enjoy the fruits of our father’s labors now that he was earl Four he truly believes that Francis Flotley came into his life as a gift from God the same God Thomas had made all manner of promises to if only the good Lord would allow him to rise from his sickbed Five Francis Flotley delivered Thomas’s promises to God personally—yes I know that’s insane so you can stop making those odious faces at me—and now Thomas is not only still stupid and easily led but he thinks he is on some holy path and in charge of my soul which he is not Seven—”“I think you skipped six” Puck corrected helpfully“Sorry” he added uickly when Chelsea glared at him“Six” she said heavily “because I have chosen not to marry any man Thomas could like he has decided to take me to Brean first thing tomorrow morning lock me up and then marry me to Francis Flotley as soon as the banns can be read In order to save my inferior female soul”“Seven” Beau interrupted holding up his hand “as you were clever enough to ferret out that I am responsible for your brother’s financial plagues of locusts—don’t ask Puck just listen—you assumed incorrectly I might add the reverend to also be one of my inventions So that eight it is now my fault that you are to be bracketed to the man Ergo I am responsible for saving you from this fate which I nine will somehow do by escorting you out of London with your brother in hot pursuit and out for my blood For which ten you will offer me some sort of favor in return To which one but not to worry because my list is uite short I say no It was at times just exhausting trying to follow all of the dialogue going on We find ourselves following Chelsea and Beau’s journey to Scotland to wed and consummate the nuptials and all the barriers they face along the way – all the while finding that they are falling bit by bit in love with one another I did find it amusing at times and the slow building romance between Chelsea and Beau was sweet Unfortunately I didn’t fall in love with the other brothers and doubt that I will check into their books This book is good for those who enjoy massive amounts of witty repartee and their steam on the slightly cooler side You will also enjoy this book if you like a plot that is fast moving with lots going on and input from all kinds of characters sprinkled throughout It’s definitely a romping ride