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Download Ebook ñ Bound to Love å 192 pages ã Sally clements Á Amazing E-Book, Bound to Love author Sally Clements This is the best favorite book isbn 9781844719242 > format ebook and others > 192 pages and has a text language like English And others192 pages and has a text language like Englis Tempest is just leaving the British Museum after being commissioned for a project when someone runs into her and she is pushed to the ground What she doesn't expect is the stranger helping her up That's when she first gets a look at Jake But a phone rings and the connection is broken Minutes later she sees the stranger being mugged and being thrown into a van She doesn't hesitate to try and help and is thrown into the van too but she uickly overcome by a acrid smell What has happened to her? What about the stranger? What either of them know is how closely their lives connect and how they will help each other

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Amazing E Book Bound to Love author Sally Clements This You take a beautiful jewelry designer and a gorgeous owner of a security company mix them together with kidnapping betrayal and a planned jewel heist and what do you get? Bound to Love by Sally ClementsTempest MacKenzie jewelry designer witnesses a stranger being forced into a van and she leaps into action literally Her attempts to foil the kidnapping only result in her being taken as well Jake Forrester is not so impulsive and can't believe this woman he doesn't know was so willing to help him They find out there is a plan to steal jewelry from the British Museum where he put in the security system and Jake and Tempest set out to stop itThis book was a fun read There was the spark of romance between people of two opposite temperaments who have to learn to see the other's point of view Tempest and Jake both have issues from the past they have to tangle with in order to open up to each other and have a healthy relationship Sally Clements does a good job of fleshing out the characters so they read as real people with whom you can relateThere was no mystery here you find out who the bad guy is early on in the book The interesting part is learning how they go about stopping him I'm not sure everything was plausible from a real life setting but the book was enjoyableDisclaimer I was given this ebook free by the author I was not expected to write a positive review

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Bound to Love Is the best favorite book isbn 9781844719242format ebook I liked the book It was short and sweet bascially It is barely over 200 pages and I read it in about a day It was a good story of suspence and love The one thing I can say is I am so freaking happy that there was no babies in this book SOOOO many love stories have the girl getting knocked up Spoiler AlertThis book did have a scene where Jake does enter Tempest without protection only to have her remind him and truthfully when I read this I totally did an eyeroll thinking oh great now she is preggers but thankfully no I also wish the story was longer and there was suspense and less family drama The family drama is needed to help understand the characters but danger would have been great Also I wish Jake had been of a bad ass Kicking asses and such he is in security I know its in developing alarm systems but it still would have neat for him to kick someones ass but overall I did like the book I did enjoy reading it and would definitely recommend it to someone as a nice beach read