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REVIEW Ñ Harmony By Karis Walsh ↠ Sometimes conformity and control are only shields and all it takes is the right woman to shatter the illusions foreverAndrea Taylor craves peace in her life no matter what the personal sacrifice She arranges her career as a violist her relationships with family and friends and even her love life so she can avoid stSometimes conformity and control are only shields and all it takes is the right woman to shatter the illusions foreverAndrea Taylor craves peace in her life no matter what the personal sacrifice She arranges her career as a violist her relationships with family and friends and even her love life so she can avoid strife at all c. There was a period of time when I for the most part didn’t write reviews Well it has fluctuated over the years – there were some longish ago where I tended to review most of what I read but those years are so long ago I barely recall them we are talking about the early 2000s right Hmms well that is roughly 18 years ago depending on when in the early 2000s Oh good now I’m talking to myself inside my own review Cutting a much longer paragraph shorter than it might become – this is one of those occasions when I kind of wish I was in my non reviewing phaseThis book stars two immature young women Both have their point of views on display There are similarities and differences that are easy to spot Like both have family issues Brooke is something of a doormat to her family – they want her to go with a certain boy to prom Sure why not Date him Okay Marry him Why the fuck not because you are actually a lesbian and have thought you might be since college; Andy is less of doormat but still feels the need to aggressively obey her family – mostly as a stand between between her mother and very angry father the doormat part comes in with constantly needing to make sure she doesn’t piss off her father and actively spend time with them Both have no issue what so ever with cheating okay one did eventually develop a guilt complex but about cheating on her ‘other woman’ with her ‘girlfriend’ Differences Well let’s see – Andrea Taylor is open and out lesbian; Brooke Stanton is so far into the closet she’s marrying a man Also Andy is super neat and organized and Brooke is the messy kind of personThat’s how the two meet by the way No not because of mess but because Brooke was going to marry a man Andrea along with about 12000 other music related jobs tip unless you are someone like a member of the Rolling Stones a music career doesn’t tend to pay a lot works as a musician at weddings She plays with a uartet Wait no Tina man man Brooke yes a uartet And Brooke’s wedding is one of their ‘gigs’Andy meets Brooke to set up the music for the wedding Brooke seems cold unattached to the world around her and generally completely unlike how she normally acts – though Andy doesn’t know this at the time Brooke only really ‘awakens’ when she finds out Andy is a lesbian Whereupon she spends that moment until hours before her wedding thinking about fucking Andy to get being a lesbian out of her systemSo she does Thereby cheating on Jake Jake right; meanwhile by giving in to Brooke’s bad seduction techniues seriously – Brooke tries to seduce Andy in a fake pre meeting that Andy didn’t know was a set up; Andy calls her on it Brooke becomes enraged and flings a lemon into Andy’s eye Then bluntly asks to fuck So they do Because you know Andy’s uite heh not let’s not go down this road Andy cheats on her girlfriend described at some point as ‘sort of’ girlfriend though you know still girlfriend So there we go The book begins with a closeted lesbian who is going to marry a man spots a lesbian badly seduces her how bad is it if it works eh and both parties cheat on others so they can fuck each otherDespite not having had much interaction with each other despite not knowing a damn fucking thing about each other Andy assumes that the mind blowing sex they had changed Brooke’s world and that they would now become a couple Because you know that’s the natural next step when you fuck someone before their wedding to someone else Brooke meanwhile thought the sex was mind blowingly good – too good she wanted a fling to wash this stink of lesbianism off her but nooo she had to love fucking a woman – but she doesn’t want to disappoint her parents or Jake especially since she isn’t really sure if she is actually a lesbian and if the sex really was that good it was – I mean to her I mostly skimmed the sex sceneI’m now reading another book involving a man woman woman love triangle and that one has graphic depictions of man on woman sex and woman on woman sex so I do not actually recall if Jake ever graphically fucks Brooke I think that didn’t occurSo where was I so Andy assumes the wedding is off but Brooke is going through with it A showdown occurs at the rehearsal which the uartet doesn’t normally play at but Brooke wanted time with Andy – I’ve a vague impression this was set up before they fucked Words are exchanged Brooke is upset Andy’s upset The wedding is still going forwardBefore the wedding occurs Brooke postpones it and turns up at Andy’s door Whereupon one of the most annoying scenes in all lesbiandom occurs Andy with apartment door open looks at Brooke Brooke wants in At this point in their relationship what relationship Andy thinks Brooke just used her Brooke demands to be allowed in She has by the way some luggage with herBrooke crossed her arms over her chest “After Thursday night I figured you owed me at least that much”Andy naturally scoffs at this comment Owes her After Brooke pounced on her injured her eye with a lemon had mind blowing sex then just left the next morning like nothing had happened OWEDBrooke’s reasoning Andy owes Brooke because Brooke wanted a fling before the wedding But BUT THE SEX WAS TOO GOOD YOU RUINED ME So you know you owe me WTFBrooke is let in somewhat due to her mentioning she had nowhere else to go Andy leaves or something Comes back Finds that Brooke has kind of exploded all over the apartment Her clothing is all over the floor The bathroom is a mess with her stuff And she’s wearing lingerie Andy’s apartment before the arrival of Brooke was cleaner than something clean and organizedbreathesBrooke and Andy kind of do kind of don’t date Andy keeps doing things that piss Brooke off as does Brooke to Andy though Andy is mildly annoyed; Brooke becomes enraged And to be honest the things Andy does are alarming blinking red lights that should warn people to flee Like several times setting things up for Brooke without once talking to her about the issue view spoilersetting her up with a shrink – albeit informally; setting her up with an appointment at a college to learn culinary stuff hide spoiler

Karis Walsh ½ 1 REVIEW

Osts Everything is going according to plan until she meets Brooke Stanton the night before Brooke’s wedding rehearsal and her ordered existence falls apartWhen Brooke hires a string uartet to play at her rehearsal dinner she doesn’t expect to meet a woman who threatens the security of her already predetermined future Sudden. How do books like this even make it out of the editing stage and who keeps publishing them Is it THAT hard to write an engaging story with two characters who don't come across as psychopaths


Harmony By Karis WalLy she has doubts about the conventional path she has chosen and desires she can no longer ignoreIn an eclectic neighborhood in Seattle Washington these two women face a life altering decision will they fight the attraction that threatens their carefully structured lives or take a chance on finding the harmony only love creates. Andrea is the violist in a string uartet that earns a living by playing at weddings She is tasked with coordinating and negotiating with the Bridezilla's amusingly named by the band by their wedding date Andrea is the controller; ordered life organized work distant `relationship' But she is also the peacemaker who gives in to her domineering family and demanding lover to stop conflict of any kind Unlike second violin Tina Andrea does not mix work with pleasure so despite finding October 5th attractive she would never act on her impulsesBrook October 5th is instantly fascinated by the gorgeous viola player when the meet to discuss the wedding plans and has to fight down her urge to have one last wild night one chance to explore what she has never let herself enjoyWhen Brook calls a second meeting with Andi to finalise details of the wedding it will set them up to challenge who they are and who they want to be This was Karis Walsh's first novel and what a great addition to the LesFic fold It is very well written and flows effortlessly as it weaves together the story of Brooke and Andi's worlds and their intriguing journey togetherThe characters are well rounded and loveable Ms Walsh has given space to than just the heroines and we come to know the uartet and their partners all of whom are likeable and interestingBrooks personal journey struggling to find herself and find a balance between people domineering her and helping her is a great read At the same time Andi must also realize how her own behavior has trapped her into a cold world or control which costs her earlyLovely romance well paced and an enjoyable read You spend the whole book wanting to egg them both on Well recommended