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mobi À The Weird Sisters ô Paperback Á eleanor brown Á Best E-Book, The Weird Sisters By Eleanor Brown This is very good and the main topic to read with book details isbn 9780007393725 format Paperback and others 356 pages and has a text language like English Best E Book The Weird Sisters By Eleanor Brown This is very good an Absolutely pitch perfect I would give this ten out of five stars if I couldThis is the first book I have read that uses a first person plural narrative style and it was so completely appropriate; you get the sense that this book came together with these three sisters sitting around a Pensieve after the events of this book have transpired looking at them playing out again and dictating the story to the author who has set up shop with a typewriter in the adjacent corner of the roomSpeaking of the author What a way with words It is not hyperbole to say that there is a jewel of prose on nearly every single page of this book One of the reviews on the back cover talks about it in terms of alchemy the magic and science of wordplay combining everyday and ordinary words into phrases and lines of pure gold And the way the author managed to weave in so much of Shakespeare's original words so naturally and seamlessly is certainly another credit to her mastery and skillAs for the story itself? If this novel were a dissertation its thesis statement would be found in the first paragraph of page 211 Ultimately it is a story about identity Who we are whether we can change and how the road of life will always lead us back to the truth of those issues but so many times we're too afraid of what we might encounter and so we take multiple and completely unnecessary detours along the way Whether you have only brothers or are a single child this novel will resonate with you

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T Paperback and others 356 pages and has a text language like Engli We were three sisters who wanted to write a story that was different from any other Or even if it was a cliché at least we could make it seem different by using the first person plural narrative And by adding a gimmick – a father who’s a professor of Shakespeare so that Shakespearean uotations could be thrown in at convenient times to make the reader feel literary and make us seem differentRose the oldest insisted that she be the overfunctioning sister “All sister duos in these books must consist of an overfunctioner and an underfunctioner” she preached “But we’re not a duo” whined Cordy the youngest “How can we be an overfunctioner and underfunctioner if there are three of us?” Rose of course had it all figured out “The underfunctioning sister is usually both a slut and a flake” she said to Cordy and to the middle sister Bianca “So you’ll both be underfunctioners just one of you will be the slut and one of you will be the flake” “Fine by me” Bianca drawled flipping her hair “Only I get to be the slut” “Well I’m the youngest” said Cordy “So I guess it would fit for me to be the flake”“Now” said Rose ticking another item off her agenda “Here’s the premise – are you ready? Life threatening illness of a family member brings the estranged siblings together Dysfunction ensues to be gradually replaced by bonding and the realization that the family is actually loving than the sisters previously thought Great idea isn’t it? And original too” Bianca and Cordy nodded; after all as the underfunctioners they didn’t have much of an opinion although they did occasionally talk back or surprise everyone with some uncharacteristically wise insight Okay said Rose Now each of us needs a dilemma problem growth opportunity you know the shpiel How about Bianca gets pregnant? asked Cordy Being a slut and all Don't be ridiculous Cordy Bianca snorted That will ruin my slut image not to mention my figure Why don't you get pregnant instead? Do I have to? moaned Cordy It's perfect said Rose A perfectly flaky thing to do and a chance for you to overcome your childishness But what about you Bianca? An affair with a married man I guess said Bianca And you Rose? Well as the resident overfunctioner I could realize that I need to stop being so controlling that the family won't fall apart without me that I can leave home follow my dreams “Don’t I at least get a love interest?” begged Cordy It won't be a women's book without romance “Don’t worry” Rose reassured her “Somewhere in the first pages we’ll mention that a guy we grew up with has come back to our small town Like Chekhov’s gun by the end of the book that guy will be dating one of us – you Cordy I guess since Bianca will have her married man” “That could be another theme” Cordy said “Leaving the big city for the small town and finding that experience to be redemptive That’s pretty unusual”“This is getting good” said Rose and we all agreed Rose was starting to have that look of satisfaction we knew so well “Last thing” she added “We should all love to read I mean really love to read And that fact should be mentioned wherever possible” We wholeheartedly agreed After all our readers would be people who loved to read And with inspired books like this one what’s not to love?

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The Weird SistersD the main topic to read with book details isbn 9780007393725 forma I was struck by a few sentences spoken by the character of Father Aidan on page 305 of my copy of this book There are times in our lives when we have to realize our past is precisely what it is and we cannot change it But we can change the story we tell ourselves about it and by doing that we can change the futureI liked the book and the interactions between the sistersthe sisters and their parentsthe sisters and non family members It did seem as if some of the character traits or scenes were a bit exaggerated The author used commonly believed ideas about the effects of birth order on personalities to develop her characters At times some of the interactions seemed two dimensional to meOn the other hand I do believe that we often revert back to habits and interactions of childhood when returning to the nest of the family no matter what our age Memories of smells from childhood can have great impact when experienced as an adult These scenes seemed truer to me than some of the othersThe need to be needed and the fact that our parents won't live forever also play parts in the unfolding of this storyI enjoyed reading it but I don't know that this is a book I will keep