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My Family Other Animals Read & Download ↠ 104 Á Sometimes it's pretty hard to tell them apart my family and the animals that is I don't know why my brothers and sisters complain so much With snakes in the bath and scorpions on the lunch table our house on the island of Corfu is a bit like a circus So they should feel right at homeSometimes it's pretty hard to tell them apart my family and the animals that is I don't know w. The first from the trilogy and the first of Durrel's I've ever read No words can express my love for this author and his immense sense of humor pure and light nothing topical or scathing beneath I remember vividly laughing out loud on the streets and on buses while reading it so wisely consider your reading spot Howling with laughter in public places might cause you troubles but the best part you won't care a bit and will always consider it worthy

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Table our house on the island of Corfu is a bit like a circus So they should feel right at ho. I went back and decided to write a review on this non fictional novelmemoir not all events are fully true I believe which is considered by some to be a modern classic I remember finding a box of Gerald Durrell stories on the shelf as a twelve year old and reading them in luxury They captivated me as Durrell told the story of his childhood in Corfu hunting animals Not only was it full of interesting facts about the animals he caught but also about the people in his life Told with wit humour and the pure ability of a natural storyteller this is a sort of autobiography that you can read as a novel full to the brim with short storiesIf there's one thing Durrell does exceptionally well it's write description And my thought has always been that a gifted writer is a master of description His descriptive writing almost drips from the page so that you feel every detail in your imagination as a real sense However I would recommend this book and his other works because of the memories they'll leave with you after reading You'll laugh at the outrageous characters he meets the wacky things his family gets up to and be fascinated by the details of everyday life magnified to an extraordinary degree

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My Family Other AnimalsHy my brothers and sisters complain so much With snakes in the bath and scorpions on the lunch. I loved 'My family and Other Animals'1956 by Gerald Durrell from start to finish thoroughly and in detail That's why I will tell you about it from A to ZA is for animalsThe way Gerald Durrell describes them is unbeatable He casts a spell on you not only when he portrays uite spectacular species but also uite prosaic ones Gerry DurrellImage sourceB is for bathing costumeThe chapter in which mother purchases an extravagant garment 'covered from top to bottom with hundreds of frills and pleats and tucks' is one of my absolute favourites Just to give you a foretaste ‘What is it’ asked Larry at length‘It’s a bathing costume of course’ said Mother ‘What on earth did you think it was’‘It looks to me like a badly skinned whale’ said Larry peering at it closelyC is for Corfu 'Here in Corfu’ said Theodore his eyes twinkling with pride 'anything can happen' A picturesue Greek island Gerry aged ten and his family mother two older brothers and one sister moved to from Britain They lived there from 1935 to 1939 The beauty of the place depicted by Durrell is dazzling in all seasons in all times of the day Nowadays Corfu probably looks uite different with thousands of tourists but I’m sure the magic captured in 'My Family and Other Animals' still lingers there 'Outside the island was striped and patched in black and silver by moonlight Far down in the dark cypress trees the owls called to each other comfortingly The sky looked as black and soft as a mole skin covered with a delicate dew of stars The magnolia tree loomed vast over the house its branches full of white blooms like a hundred miniature reflections of the moon and their thick sweet scent hung over the veranda languorously the scent that was an enchantment luring you out into the mysterious moonlit countryside' The enchantment really works Since I finished 'My family and Other Animals' I have been dreaming of going to CorfuHerbert List Ionian island of Pondikoisi seen from Kanoni Corfu 1937Image sourceD is for Dandy Dinmont TerrierMother's dog Dodo constantly challenges beauty standards Affectionately called by Larry 'that canine Frankenstein'E is for educationGerry doesn’t attend any schools on Corfu he has lessons with tutors I’m sure you will be astonished by the gallery of his eccentric teachersF is for familyThe most obvious thing you are attracted to are the adventures of the Durrells and their portrayals but there is something not so obvious worth exploring also I mean the relationships between the members of the family full of warmth and tolerance One of the keys to the success is probably the fact that they are communicating almost all the time 'we seemed unable to extract the full flavour of our letters and magazines unless they were shared' The siblings are nasty to each other at times but even the most malicious remarks have a cordial lining Gerry Durrell and a part of his family 1936 The Daffodil Yellow Villa in the backgroundImage sourceG is for guestsMostly neurotic artists and writers Invited spontaneously in large amounts 'Sometimes the fresh load of guests would turn up before we had got rid of the previous group and the chaos was indescribable'H is for humourUbiuitarian It's one of the most hilarious books I’ve ever read I would have never guessed that Durrell was seriously ill while writing 'My family and Other Animals' he was recovering from jaundice If you think it's sensible enough not to read this book in public places to prevent bursts of uncontrollable laughter you are wrong And I'm speaking from experience It is enough to recall some scenes to get hysterical while you are for example travelling on a bus or doing shopping You will encounter various kinds of humour funny situations chucklesome comments cranky personalities elements of black humour or a comedy full of gags 'Living in Corfu was rather like living in one of the flamboyant and slapstick comic operas'I is for I am gratefulThree Goodreads friends inspired and convinced me to read this ludicrous book Thanks from the bottom of my heart to Jennifer B Julie and Roman Clodia I will always associate them with this uproarious amazing read and it will make my memories even lovelier If you check the Goodreads shelves of these three exceptional ladies – which I strongly recommend the first thing you will probably notice is the diversity of their literary tastes It goes to show that Durrell adeuately caters for a variety of readers' needs and preferencesGerry DurrellImage sourceJ is for just perfectfor a rainy day Or a day when you want to forget about your worries Or a day when you get bad news Or a day when you are just feeling blue with no reason From now on 'My family and Other Animals' will make an indispensable part of my bookish first aid kit Durrell takes care of his readers' well being in a truly touching way the real cause why the family decided to come back to Britain was the war while it's not mentioned in the story even onceK is for KralefskyGerry's teacher One of the most comical characters in the book Known for his chivalry and wrestling skills Which turned out to be uite virtualL is for LugaretziaA Greek housekeeper who continuously moans and entertains the Durrells’ guests with generous displays of her gums 'There was only one thing in life that could bring a smile to Lugaretzia’s gloomy countenance a glint to her spaniel eyes and that was a discussion of her ailments' M is for MotherPatient Practical Sane which seems to be uite an exception in this family Adorable You might try not to love her but you won't stand a ghost of a chance Her hobbies are cooking and gardening Gerald aged eight and MotherImage sourceN is for NirvanaThe state Mother has gradually reached 'that happy Nirvana where nothing shocks or startles is exemplified by the fact that one weekend recently when all alone in the house she was treated to the sudden arrival of a series of crates containing two pelicans a scarlet ibis a vulture and eight monkeys A lesser mortal might have uailed at such a contingency but not Mother'O is for other family membersWe meet only Gerry his siblings and mum but no doubt other family members are remarkable too for instance 'Aunt Bertha keeping flocks of imaginary cats' or 'Great Uncle Patrick who wanders about nude and tells complete strangers how he killed whales with a penknife' P is for pinkStrawberry pink to be exact The colour of the first house the Durrells rented on Corfu The villa had an air of pink faced determination is for uirkyMost people would probably find the Durrells and their pets uite bizarre When they were coming to England by train a ‘disgracefully efficient official’ at the Swiss frontier described them in a form 'One travelling Circus and Staff' R is for RogerGerry’s dog and companion One of the most candid and poignant canine portraits I have encountered in literature so farS is for SpiroA taxi driver devoted friend of the Durrells who speaks unconventional English adding 's' at randomGerry and SpiroImage sourceT is for tortoiseAchilles one of the first pets the Durrells had on Corfu A connoisseur of wild strawberriesU is for universalChances are this book will be loved by readers from about 9 years old to infinity Most children will probably focus on crazy adventures while mature audience will indulge in Durrell's irony and beauty of his writing style I think the omnipresent humour is the strength of the book but its weakness at the same time if it's not compatible with yours you will probably get bored and frustratedV is for veracityAccording to Gerald Durrell 'all the anecdotes about the island and the islanders are absolutely true' Am I the only one who has the impression that the author is winking now The sad part is that the idyllic image of his family in the book seems to be highly idealised Gerry and Roger 1935Image sourceW is for writerLarry up and coming man of letters one of Gerry’s brothers later famous for 'Alexandria uartet' Twenty three years old dreaming of literary career He considers himself a genius who has to cope with cruel reality and is not always successful 'I assure you the house is a death trap Every conceivable nook and cranny is stuffed with malignant faunae waiting to pounce How I have escaped being maimed for life is beyond me A simple innocuous action like lighting a cigarette is fraught with danger Even the sanctity of my bedroom is not respected First I was attacked by a scorpion a hideous beast that dripped venom and babies all over the place Then my room was torn asunder by magpies Now we have snakes in the bath and huge flocks of albatrosses flapping round the house making noises like defective plumbing' I was surprised when I found out that real Lawrence was married and lived on Corfu with his wife There’s no trace of her in the bookX is for xenophobiaFortunately not present at all The hospitality of Corfiots was really moving Kind and generous they offered delicious food to Gerry and made his family feel at homeY is for yesYes I’m definitely going to read the other two parts of 'The Corfu Trilogy'Z is for ZatopecAn elderly Armenian poet one of the peculiar guests 'His voice shook the house like a sirocco as he swept into it his cloak rippling his arms full of bottles' Notorious for his enthusiasm for the opposite sex forlorn Lugaretzia includedNow you know my ABCNext time won't you read with meGerry DurrellImage source