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ð Craig Thompson Ú From the internationally acclaimed author of Blankets a highly anticipated new graphic novel Sprawling across an epic landscape of deserts harems and modern industrial clutter Habibi tells the tale of Dodola and Zam refugee child slaves bound to each other by chance by circumstance and by the love that grows between them We follow them as From the internationally acclaimed author of Blankets a highly anticipated new graphic novel Sprawling across an epic landscape of deserts harems and modern industrial clutter Habibi tells the tale of Dodola and Zam refugee child slaves bound to each other by chance by circumstance

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And by the love that grows between them We follow them as their lives unfold together and apart; as they struggle to make a place for themselves in a world not unlike our own fueled by fear lust and greed; and as they discover the extraordinary depth and frailty of their connection Damn you Craig Thompson I’m so disappointed with your book HabibiYour book is absolutely awful despite your fancy artwork You’ve totally lost my respect after I’ve read your book today In fact I couldn’t even finish it Your book is problematic in so many ways It’s over the top racist and sexist and shallow I’ve never read a book before that glorifies and romanticizes sexual violence so much On every other page your female protagonist was raped objectified or victimized Every Arabic man in your book was a brutal camel riding rapist with no morality or redeeming ualities at all The only reason Arabic men exist in your world is to abuse women and the only reason Arabic women exist is to please men who can’t help being rapists Your uotes from the uran in the midst of all the female nakedness and in between scenes of sexual violence felt extremely offensive And I’m not even religiousThese uotes added nothing substantial to your shallow story Reading your pretentious offensive and ultimately pointless book was an extremely uncomfortable experience

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Habibi AUTHOR Craig ThompsAt once contemporary and timeless Habibi gives us a love story of astounding resonance a parable about our relationship to the natural world the cultural divide between the first and third worlds the common heritage of Christianity and Islam and most potently the magic of storytelli SpoilersAbsolutely awful one of the most rage inducing things I've ever read I don't even know where to begin there were that many fucked up things about it Random rambly thoughts Habibi was a ridiculously offensive graphic novel filled with nothing but racist sexist orientalist misogynistic rubbish Then there was the glorification of abuse and rape running throughout the main character couldn't go at least a couple of pages without being naked raped or victimised The story itself was shallow nonsensical over the top unrealistic and a general mess Habibi might have been set in a fictional country but it was than clear that it was some warped stereotypical and exaggerated portrayal of the Middle East and Arabsmuslims what with the clothing the main religion being Islam the use of Arabic language the characters being mostly Arab and the harems the jinn the myths and stories told within Thompson's idea of Middle Eastern culture was ALL men are either rapists or slaves ALL women get raped and have no free will fathers will happily sell their young daughters for a little bit of money girls can only resort to prostitution to survive because apparently there's no job opportunities pretty much all Middle Eastern people live in poordesperateunclean conditions that Arabs believe in slavery and have a booming and very public slave trade that NO Middle Eastern people have self respectmoralsintelligencekindness or compassion and ALL middle agedold men are pedophiles and rapists at heart and have no problem fucking young girls Not one Arabmuslim character was portrayed as anything other than horrid vile sex crazed or evil Not one woman was portrayed as anything other than weak vulnerable oppressed bitchy or heartlessThere's no doubt in my mind that Thompson has a worse than low opinion of Arabs muslims and other minorities Summary of sorts The story starts with a child Dodola being heartlessly sold into a forced marriage her old grotesue husband rapes her then she's kidnapped from her rapist husband and sold into slavery she manages to escape with a toddler called Zam and they live on a boat in the middle of a desert she becomes a mother of sorts to Zam In order for her and Zam to survive she prostitutes herself to passing caravans and ALL the old men she meets are than happy to fuck a child she does that for years Then she's separated from Zam when she's kidnapped again this time she's forced into a harem with hundreds of other women Ugh then there's rape WTFery slavery fucked up evil men bitchy women prostitution incest At no point in the story was there one sane person or person with morals The Arab men were all slavers greedy violent abusive disgusting rapists who had no compassion or empathy or morals The black characters were either slaves or submissive or happy to serve The women were only ever portrayed as weak and were constantly sexualised or brutalized None of the characters had any depth or personality they were worse than stereotypes Dodola had no agency whatsoever she was a constant victim and was pushedpulled in every direction by those around her She was also drawn and depicted in a disgusting way No matter what she doing she was naked every other page she was drawn like some sort of porn star What did her being naked add to the story Nothing What was with all the sensual and loving drawings whenever she was being raped or attacked Does Thompson think rape and abuse is sexy or romantic Zam and Dodola's relationship made me sick Dodola thought of Zam as her child even though there was only a nine year age difference between them they had a mother son relationship for a decade or so before they were separated Dodola used to bathe him as a toddler change him teach him things and tell him stories before bed How could they get together when they had a parentchild relationship Even when she got pregnant herself she still thought of Zam as her true child so than her own biological child So yea for them to be together when they had parentchild feelings for each other was beyond vile Dodola was only ever a sexual object even when she was rapedbeing abusedgiving birth she was drawn in a sickeningly sensual way Her being naked every other page was not only gratuitous but also made her seem even vulnerable and victim like to everyone around her even her pre pubescent 'son' was constantly perving on her She was ALWAYS the victim Of course Dodola was drawn as having no body hair despite her having no supplies and living in the middle of a desert I very much doubt she prostituted herself for razors or wax when she was so desperate for food for her and Zam I also find it highly unlikely that the caravans she 'traded' with would even stock those things She also managed to have the perfect body even though she had little foodsupplies — how did she manage to always look so good In reality she would have looked hairy and malnourished with bad skin but that wouldn't have been sexy or 'exotic' enough for Thompson The only time she was drawn as grotesue was when she was heavily pregnant apparently pregnancy is the most disgusting thing ever because pregnant women are no longer just blow up dolls for men so that immediately makes them some sort of ugly alien species It was fucked up Of course Thompson didn't want to be realistic he just wanted to draw his wet fantasy of Arab women One of the worst parts was Thompson writing the rape apology towards the end where Dodola fondly reflected back on her oldmiddle aged husband — the man who forced himself on her when she was about eight years old Yea she excused his rape because apparently the poor guy just couldn't help himself he just wanted her oh so badly and it wasn't his fault he was so horny for his child bride that he had to force himself on her the poor guy had no control over it Ugh Does Thompson think Arab women would actually think like that Or women in general would fondly excuse the pedophile that raped them REALLY Ugh the rape apology was beyond disturbing — it almost seemed like Thompson hopedthought that's how womenlittle girls wouldshould view rape and rapists as something that couldn't be helped because naturally the guy was needy and couldn't help himself Also to ease the 'suffering' rapists and pedos experience womenlittle girls should happily seduce and fuck them because that's their job and they secretly love it the act itself and pleasing men and they should understand rapists and pedos Ugh an absolutely awful portrayal of women men abuse rape and any non white race So first Dodola was a child bride to an old man then she had to prostitute herself to countless men so the other guy in her life could survive then she was forced into a harem and had a son and then her other 'son' wanted her so to appease him she began a relationship with him Everything Dodola did was either out of her hands or done for the sake of a man Heaven forbid a woman doing something for herself or for someone that wasn't male What's with all these women in bookstvmovies whose only driving force is a man Women can do things that having NOTHING to do with men Another thing that pissed me off was that ALL the women in the harem hated Dodola because the sultan liked her most they were so jealous of her that they wanted her dead Apparently all women envy other women who get male attention than them to such a degree that they want them dead Ridiculous I guess the artwork was okay There were parts that were beautiful but those parts weren't down to Thompson all he did was usecopy the Arabic languageartdesign There was nothing original from him at all He doesn't deserve credit for copying prominent Arabic artlanguage It's clear that Thompson wanted to base a novel on a foreign culture so his story could be 'exotic' and different He didn't bother to actually learn or research the different facets and beauty of the culture Nope he just wanted to twist and exaggerate atrocities from its past so he could produce something shocking and hard hitting Well all he managed to produce was a racist sexist disgusting piece of unrealistic crap Yea I won't read any of his other graphic novels