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Summary ☆ Omnitopia Dawn (Omnitopia, #1) ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¸ In the virtual twenty first century multiplayer on line games have become one of the most popular forms of entertainment And the most popular gaming universe of all is Omnitopia created by genius programmer Dev LoganFor millions of peoplExpansion to Omnitopia system And even as players staff the media an the heavy hitters on the world financial scene wait eagerly for this fast approaching and momentous event thee are others preparing to play a very different game one that is meant to strike at the heart of Omnitopia and bring the entire system crashing down. In the style of Michael Crichton at his absolute best blending gripping science fiction with a harsh believable reality; bestselling author Diane Duane brings the incredible Omnitopia Dawn to life combining the world of a massive multiplayer online game like never seen before with an the exciting world of corporate gaming and intrigue If you’re any sort of tech geek or just like playing video games Omnitopia Dawn will suck you in and never let you go making you forget worrying about that next level upThere are two worlds here the compelling fantasy world of the massive multiplayer online game MMO Omnitopia and the real world where video game companies fight to keep doing what they do best and keep the fans hooked and make lots of money It is the near future and when one sits down to play an MMO – like Lord of the Rings Online or World of Warcraft – they can use the familiar screen and keyboard set up or there is the full immersion into the game akin to virtual reality only better where one experiences almost all senses of the game It is an incredible complex world of fighting and raiding of gaining levels and increasing your wealth and even eating and drinking with friends while discussing your next strategies But Omnitopia is uniue as every once in a while it selects one of its subscribers to create their own uniue world of their own choosing and actually make money from it So there is the world of Omnitopia and then there are the thousands of other user created worlds covering all of history and the imagination The result is a game that one can uite literally be completely absorbed by almost forgetting the real worldRik Maliani is an ordinary person with an ordinary job who’s been a fan and player of Omnitopia for years Then he gets selected to create his own world; it’s a dream come true especially with the possibility of making serious money but the uestion is what type of world to make What would make it truly uniue and encourage people to come see and play As Rik begins creating his world he notices some unusual events happening in the world of Omnitopia that seem to affect the one he is creating but at the same time to be affected by his world somehowDev Logan is the CEO of Omnitopia and started the whole enterprise many years ago as a college student and is now the eighth richest man in the world because of it He has a crack team of computer whizzes and geniuses who spend their days monitoring Omnitopia making sure it’s running as smoothly as possible and preventing the constant attacks and hacks against the worldwide popular MMO And now things are really heating up as the new expansion is about to be released Everyone is working pretty much nonstop and none so than Dev who forgets to even eat at times Delia Harrington is doing a story on Omnitopia for Time Magazine about the company and the expansion As Dev deals with the reporter – who seems to be snooping around a little than she should be – he’s constantly being barraged by updates and news on what’s happening with Omnitopia It seems there are an absurd number of attacks building against the MMO so than usual even for an expansion but then that’s all in a day’s work for the CEO of OmnitopiaFinally there is Phil Sorensen who was a good friend of Dev’s in college – they were going to revolutionize the gaming world together but then had a falling out – and is the CEO for Infinity Inc with his own giant money making MMO He would like nothing than to see everything that is Omnitopia come crashing down and have Dev come crying back to him He’s going to stop at nothing to make this happenIn Omnitopia Dawn the first of a series Diane Duane has created two complex worlds that of the MMO game and that of the real world business and yet she does a remarkable job of keeping things simple explaining everything but somehow not overloading or boring the reader in any way The result is an exciting page turning addicting read that will have the reader wondering what’s going to happening next with who and how it’s all going to end Fortunately readers won’t have to wait too long for the seuel Omnitopia East Wind coming out August 2011Originally written on January 27 2011 ©Alex C TelanderFor reviews and exclusive interviews go to BookBanter

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Nitopia is a virtual place where dreams come true players can create their own universes within the game's structure and participate in the profits if their piece of the universe is a hit Ten million of them are on line living in a world real to them than their ownNow Dev and his people are preparing to roll out a major new. UnsatisfyingThis book describes a conflict between a Good CEO and a Bad CEO; each of them own large companies which run MMORPGs Corporate America being what it is the Good CEO and the Bad CEO don't directly interact; in fact all we see of the Bad CEO is a couple of scenes in which he introspects about how guilty he feels because he knows he's a bad personIn fairness a decent chunk of the Good CEO's screen time is taken up with the author narrating how awesome it is that he's such a nice personIf I'm reading the hints correctly the Good and Bad CEOs and the Good CEO's online game are actually playing pieces in a larger ongoing conflict between the Forces Of Good and the Forces Of Evil This explains why they're so painfully archetypal I'm guessing the author planned to follow up on this in a seuelAnyway the book is pretty awkward as you might expect from a novel that tries to superimpose Absolute Good and Absolute Evil onto Corporate America It doesn't help that a large chunk of the game takes place inside an MMO and the author has to slowly and carefully explain how everything works

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Omnitopia Dawn Omnitopia #1In the virtual twenty first century multiplayer on line games have become one of the most popular forms of entertainment And the most popular gaming universe of all is Omnitopia created by genius programmer Dev LoganFor millions of people around the world Omnitopia is an obsession a passionate pastime almost a way of life Om. In the middle of the first chapter of Omnitopia Dawn by Diane Duane I kept thinking I've played this book Not I've read this book but I've played this book as in there's a game just like this And there is The beginning of the book is from the perspective of a player in an extremely immersive massively multiplayer online world that is so detailed that at first the reader doesn't realize that the perspective is inside a game Then he steps back into real life and you realize he was playing his character and this book is about the gameSeveral years ago I played a series of video games that mimicked both a massively multiplayer online world and the player's online chat experience during the game as it invaded reality I really thought I was reading dot Hack which was the game in uestion It would have made a pretty good novel But Omnitopia only started out the same as the gameOmnitopia Dawn dot Hack and also surprisingly Fantasy in Death by JD Robb all have an element in common that of using video gaming worlds to affect the so called real world But JD Robb uses the next step in virtual reality as a murder weapon In dot Hack the theme is mind control But Omnitopia Dawn is much deeply layered The company behind the game is intended as a jab at high tech companies with their own internal geek culture like Apple Google and even Microsoft back in the dayBut in Omnitopia Dawn the real world is going to be affected in real ways not virtual ones Real competitors of the corporation behind Omnitopia plan to use the launch of the next upgrade to launch a very real attack on Omnitopia's servers using very real viruses denial of service attacks and other tools that read like natural progressions from today's headlines And the intent behind these attacks is to steal very real money from the company and if possible to drive Omnitopia out of business so that its competitors win Under the fantasy layer and the business layer there is a science fiction layer Omnitopia's server network is vast and its founder has programmed it with its own individual persona and artificial intelligence The new upgrade to the system has caused something unexpected to happen to that artificial intelligence It has like so many systems before it become self aware And in the attack launched by Omnitopia's enemies it starts to defend itselfThe first self aware machine I remember reading about was Mike in Heinlein's The Moon is a Harsh Mistress Not all of Heinlein's adult works wear well because some of his attitudes about women among other things were very definitely of his time and not ours But I still remember the character of Mike very fondly Mike named himself for Mycroft Holmes But Mike was the computer that ran all the systems on the moon and eventually accreted enough memory inputs data whatever to become sentient Two things about Mike stuck with me His friend Manny teaching him about humor and jokes the difference between funny once and funny always and that Mike doesn't live to see the revolution he brings about There was a long moment at the end of Omnitopia Dawn where I was afraid I was reading about Mike again