Reviews, the independent money transfer price comparison service, gets to grips with the Money Express Prepaid Mastercard
The market has been flooded with prepaid money cards over the past 12 months so what makes the Money Express Prepaid Mastercard different?
As with most prepaid cards, you are able to use the primary Blue card anywhere you see that Mastercard is accepted to purchase goods online, use like a debit/credit card, for teleshopping and the good thing, is that you do not need to have a bank account. You can top up at any Barclays Bank, online or have you wages paid directly onto the card by your employer.

What interested us at, is the unique way in which you can share your balance with up to two additional cardholders on your account that will be sent Yellow Cards with which you can share your balance with, especially useful if you want to send the card to friends and family overseas. In addition to this it could not be simpler to transfer money between cards... Using your mobile phone! Send an SMS and the money is transferred in minutes.

All in all, thinks that this is a great and innovative product. Good value (low fees), easy to use both in the UK and for sending money overseas. We are very happy to recommend the Money Express Prepaid Mastercard to visitors of our site.

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The Money Express Prepaid Card is an innovative product that encompasses all the many benefits of the prepaid card market in to one Prepaid MasterCard product. From its unique feature The Money in Minutes Facility, cutting edge technology that allows a card holder to share cash instantly using their mobile phone to the easy methods of card loading making it safer than using a credit card when shopping online. The Money Express Card is truly a card worth keeping at the front of your wallet.

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There is now a serious alternative to transferring money abroad with the Money Express Card, By getting two prepaid cards and sending one to a loved one abroad you can now share your money at a fraction of the cost compared to Western Union. Because the Money Express Card uses mobile phone technology to power their Money in Minutes facility cash can be transferred from anywhere, anytime.

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