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The Jeffersonian is a new college magazine established and conducted
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The various etiological factors of cough are now stated so frequently that
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son directs that the ether shall be administered by spattering
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amined him. Perhaps I made a correct diagnosis and perhaps not.
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favorable effects from the use of protargol in purulent ophthalmia in infants.
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a note was received from Dr. Gay alleging that he supposed his objections
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about eighteen months ago I was called in consultation to see a
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indurated mass on both sides of face in the neighborhood of parotid glands.
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patient. The New Haven Medical Society has taken preliminary steps
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Symptoms. Sudden and severe dyspnoea after a paroxysm of cough
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sation of dryness while at a high temperature the same
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tion. This second address is also extant. It is very
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Memphis Medical Monthly have become consolidated under the title of the
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other officers were requested to aid the Trustees in
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Treatment is commenced by an active in the recumbent position the patient should
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Journal of Medicine August reports two cases of this affection both
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being imperfect it becomes a source of fermentative change.. The inter
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and ical results reported by thousands of successful practitioners demonstrate that
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tion of taxes of the citizens for which no one would
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