case of primary bronchiectasis diagnosed as such during life.
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temperature decline and the swelling of the glands of the neck disappear
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which the tissues have been largely infiltrated with black pigment
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it within an hour. The infant was in a deplorable condition. Theskin was
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Smallpox has broken out among the Indians in the Colville Reserva
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demic of great fatality receiving the popular name of Black Death
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injuries. The mortality for double amputations is placed at per cent.
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should be treated once or twice with permanganate and the
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intralaryngeal. Histologically these growths resemble similar neo
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sputum becomes added to the ordinary features of bronchitis sub
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putrid odor of septic bronchitis is present together with the repulsive
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patient the little pamphlet says that hundreds and hundreds of cases have
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cases that look almost hopeless recovery must not be despaired of.
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reached Pittsburg hours after the trouble had begun. At this point the
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getting a sufficiently near approach to chemical accuracy.
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