scribed consolidation fibroid thickening and eventually ulceration

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ensciously doing his duty and not infrequently saving human life. Such a

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Ulcers with hypertrophic granulations on which the disease germ flourishes. Many

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mark names which are easily remembered At the solicitation of a fellow physician

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Islands are stormy and trying the Polynesian groups are

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structive. to anesthetize them in bed and carry them

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perforation present and I was persuaded to operate. An exploratory incision

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ing that when proper officers are selected tilation problems were discussed with J

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the adjoining walls. The epithelial covering remains c uite continu

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tection must be based on one or more of the following

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ture may also to a certain extent be responsible. Savage women almost

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concerned. It is the theory of the times and our present foreign policy

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Hindoos had a special vessel for drinking water. This

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The climate of the Syrian coast is very similar but

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omy subhyoid pharyngotomy and infrathyroid laryngotomy are the

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the manner indicated will usually prevent a recurrence.

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scopy and on Pachydermia Laryngis etc. have been added. Many new

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dressing applied disappears within hours without any bad results. In

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The application of a hot poultice over the lower part of the neck

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sputum does not contain lung tissue but peculiar characteristic plugs.

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then be necessary to evacuate the lens substance through a corneal incision

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bronchial tubes. In a few cases however the membrane invades

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intelligent nursing. On the ground of two yearns observation he states that

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patients recovered promptly. Of course we gave these medicines empirically

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arched palate narrow alveolus and conse disrepute. J

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the pulmonary tissue to which he applied the name cirrhosis goes on

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suit the individual case. but was never seriously ill. She attended

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ingly. our younger generation is handed kind in Atlanta. The plans include every

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ican Bacteriologists Corresponding Mem l General Practitioners. By

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hours after operation. The operation was completed within an hour.

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syringe taking out the canula passing a large size probe and reinstating a

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peculiarly liable to this evolution. The initial effect upon the tissues of

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is conspicuously illustrative of the results of the author s personal

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tion and which soak into the surrounding tissues acting like any

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A Conclusive Proof of the Efficacy of Vaccination. Conclusive to those

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principles described above may appear they are far from

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sory nerve whatever are capable of causing asthmatic attacks.


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and vagrants as well as for such cases in which on account

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