is brought up in large quantities much as in phthisis. In such cases

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are solicited for publication. loo to reprints of Original Articles will be furnished

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Doctor Dugan has alluded to the principal objection to giving morphine and

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to the principles laid down in the previous section. Age plays an

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Oxford Chairman The Continued Fevers of North Carolina.

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of temperature. On further inquiry I found history of dirt eating which his

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cause there was very little temperature dur alesce and thereby form large infiltrated

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support of free beds with conditions similar to those

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the disease assumes the position of a veritable sociological danger as

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the overcrowding of too many persons within a limited

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a suitable protection. The usual plan is to have made a

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As time passes the town increases in size while still retaining

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Treatment. The main indications are in the first place to remove

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friction sounds rales rhonchi and other auscultatory j henomena.

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Hindoos had a special vessel for drinking water. This

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either dilated contracted or obliterated. The blood vessels become

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agreed as to its suitability for all cases of chest disease

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tered by a more or less continuous subnormal temperature however caused

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hours the swelling as rapidly subsided giving place to a severe colic that

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organic matter within forty eight hours an abundance of whitish specks

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overcrowded we urge the pressing necessity of such early increase of hospital

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becomes a quasi independent parasite preys exactly as a parasite would

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in many ways suitable to their low powers of resistance

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discontinued. The patient succumbed to pneumonia hours later.

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its early stages the disease presents many points of resem

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well known and highly esteemed. number of cases given up as hopeless and

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a sense of rawness to acute pain rapidly follows the initial symp

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I was frightened. I thought I had made an awful blunder somewhere

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I actually aggravates malignant syphilis is ventive and the curative treatment of renal

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Legislature as the condition of its grant is so small when

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fic la oratory methods of diagnosis Resident physician always in the hospital. Usual

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expectoration and great restlessness the child tossing from one side

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been opened by her attendant and converted into a biliary fistula through

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taken on the ground is intensely interesting. Mr. Norman says that since

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usually perfectly good or there may be some little gastric disturbance